Providence employees honored through Hallmark of Caring


TINLEY PARK, Ill. (March 2015) — At Providence Life Services, we are so blessed by and thankful for the wonderful staff members who fill a variety of roles at each Providence community.

Every year in March, we honor some of our employees at the “Hallmark of Caring” event; this year, the theme of the event is “Reflections of Grace.” Staff, residents, and families at each location nominated people whose compassion, heart, and skill make a difference, and those who were selected are invited to a celebration on March 20.

We’d like to bring these outstanding employees to your attention, too! We’ll share a little about each of the Providence people who were chosen this year to receive the honor, naming a few more each day until the Hallmark of Caring event. Look for updates here and announcements on our Facebook pages, and take a moment to congratulate the honorees!

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Honorees from Providence Life Services, corporate office:


Beth Cunningham

Beth Cunningham

Beth Cunningham, Executive Assistant

Beth’s poise and sunny disposition, as well as her professionalism, are always a bright spot in the day. She is always eager to help and represents Providence with the utmost dignity and Christian compassion.



Tom Corley

Tom Corley

Tom Corley, Chef

Tom is awesome! He takes pride in his work, creating great meals that we all enjoy. He is a man of many hats who is hardworking and dependable.




Tracy Goffard

Tracy Goffard

Tracy Goffard, Receptionist

Tracy is the face and voice of welcome to those who call and visit the corporate office. With a beautiful contagious spirit, she smiles and asks, “What can I do for you?”



Ken Triezenberg

Ken Triezenberg

Ken Triezenberg, Maintenance Assistant

Ken is trustworthy and dedicated. In his quiet and respectful way, he takes responsibility to make sure that the corporate office is clean and ready for staff and guests.






Honorees from Providence at Home, Private Duty:


Romonda Pierson

Romonda Pierson

Romonda Pierson, C.N.A.

Romonda is upbeat and smiling, and all her clients love her.  She brings joy with her bubbly personality and seems to know just the right things to say and do. Romonda is a wonderful person and truly a God-send.



Kim Glenn

Kimberly Glenn

Kimberly Glenn, C.N.A.

Kimberly is very pleasant, attentive, and compassionate.  Because she cares about her patients, she knows when something isn’t right. Her patients look forward to seeing her and she can bring smiles to their faces.



Honorees from Providence at Home, Home Health:


Janet Wirmel

Janet Wirmel

Janet Wirmel, Office Coordinator

Janet works so hard to organize the office, what would we do without her? She has come to our rescue. Janet really cares about the agency and making sure it runs smoothly.



April Narjes

April Narjes

April Narjes, Office Coordinator

April takes the initiative to make sure the office is running smoothly. She is always kind to patients when they call, and she goes out of her way to help the patients as well as the staff.



Beth Riski

Beth Riski


Beth Riski, R.N.

Beth cheerfully works weekends. She helps out during the week whenever she can. She goes above and beyond at all times with all patients.



Olivia Martinez-Barbosa

Olivia Martinez-Barbosa

Olivia Martinez-Barbosa, C.N.A.

Olivia is such a good person and a hard worker. She takes on extra work without ever complaining and it is a joy to work with her. The word “NO” is not in Olivia’s vocabulary!




Honorees from Providence Hospice:


Jamie Simigliano

Jamie Simigliano

Jamie Simigliano, R.N.

Hospice families praise her compassion, thoughtfulness, patience and demeanor during difficult times. Jamie’s compassionate caring is well known by our families, and she’s a blessing to them as well as her coworkers!



Michelle Buikema

Michelle Buikema

Michelle Buikema, Nurse Practitioner

Michelle is very competent and gives care for patients, staff and families that is beyond expectations. Many express their gratitude with comments like, “Michelle took care of us as if we were her own family”.






Honorees from Provinet:


Chris Flynn

Chris Flynn

Christine Flynn, Senior Clinical Implementation Consultant

Chris is always kind, patient and courteous. She provides exceptional training to nursing staff and is always willing and able to do whatever is needed. If the world had more people like Chris in it, it would be a better place.



Mark Maguire

Mark Maguire

Mark Maguire, Field Technician

Mark is pleasant and easy to work with; he has a positive outlook even in difficult situations. He is dedicated to making sure computer users are enabled to care for the residents. With a smile, he is always willing to help.



Kelly Walker

Kelly Walker

Kelly Walker, Human Resource Specialist

Kelly has a bright personality and a smile on her face. She is friendly, courteous, and great to work with. Her positive attitude, work ethic, and willingness to learn and grow are exceptional.



Leah Van der Velde

Leah Van der Velde

Leah Van der Velde, Client Care Lead

Leah shows grace and patience when working with others. She always has a positive attitude and approaches her work with dedication.





Honorees from Providence of Downers Grove:


Phil Fertig

Phil Fertig

Phil Fertig, C.N.A.

Phil’s clients rave about his excellent care! He is kind, patient and thorough, completing tasks with great care. His upbeat attitude and smile can light up the darkest room. We are proud and thankful to work with Phil.



Shawn Shiffer

Shawn Shiffer

Shawn Schiffer, C.N.A.

Shawn is amazing! With a smile and good humor, she pours herself into her work, taking great pride in what she does. As a natural leader, Shawn mentors new C.N.A.s, who are blessed to learn from one of “the best.”



Andy Yusi

Andy Yusi

Andy Yusi, C.N.A.

Andy is the heartbeat of his unit and keeps things moving. Returning clients ask for his unit, to make sure that Andy will care for them again. He is kind and good natured, hard-working and thorough.



Andriana McDowell

Andriana McDowell

Andriana McDowell, Case Manager

Andriana is very patient and kind, taking a personal interest in each client and family. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that clients leave with care plans carefully crafted for their continuing success after discharge.



Kimberly Sandeman

Kimberly Sandeman

Kimberly Sandeman, Admissions Assistant and Therapy Office Manager

Kimberly’s bright smile is contagious! While wearing many hats, she finds joy in serving our clients and takes time to share her big heart with them. The love she displays in all the little extra things she does is amazing.




Sophia Siliras

Sophia Siliras

Sophia Siliras, Housekeeper/Laundry Assistant

Sophia is a dynamo with a zany sense of humor! Clients and staff rave about her excellent skills, but it’s the many little extra things that set Sophia apart. She responds to even the smallest requests with thoughtfulness.



Cindy Krystozek Blog

Cindy Krystozek

Cindy Krystozek, Wound Care Coordinator

Cindy is the epitome of living our mission as she cares for both the physical and emotional “wounds” of clients and families. She shares her creative gifts with others and her loving spirit touches everyone around her.



Anita Wilkins

Anita Wilkins

Anita Wilkins, Night L.P.N.

Anita’s kind voice, assuring words, and caring touch bring comfort and peace to many clients all through the night, during some of their most challenging hours. Anita’s coworkers hold her in high regard as a role model.



Honorees from Saratoga Grove:


IMG_4460 Maria Ruiz Blog

Maria Ruiz

Maria Ruiz, Housekeeping

Maria is not only our housekeeper; she is also our friend. She puts in extra effort to make sure our rooms look as clean as possible. We appreciate her stopping by to clean and visit.



IMG_4456 Caroline Roth Blog

Caroline Roth

Caroline Roth, Memory Care Activity Aid

Caroline is a compassionate person. She is very patient and takes the time needed when assisting clients with memory loss. She goes the extra mile on a daily basis.



Morna Stewart

Morna Stewart

Morna Stewart, Receptionist

Morna is a friendly face we see at the front desk. She is a hard worker and often picks up extra shifts to help out her team. She is always someone we can turn to when we need help.




Honorees from Royal Park Place:


Diane Kloosterman

Diane Kloosterman

Diane Kloosterman, Housekeeper

Diane puts lots of love and effort into her work, helping to keep our facility immaculate. She is always smiling and encouraging others with her kind words. She is a wonderful example of Christ to all of us!



Holly Ratski

Holly Ratski

Holly Ratski, Baker

Holly has inspired her coworkers and introduced some new and exciting things in our bakery, much to the delight of our residents. She is a good team player with a great work ethic, and we appreciate her.




Honorees from Royal Atrium Inn:


Ruth Maguire

Ruth Maguire

Ruth Maguire, Resident Assistant

Ruth is a caring person who goes out of her way to be kind and helpful. She is very attentive to the residents’ needs and goes beyond the call of duty. Ruth is very willing to help and pick up extra private duty work.



Tracy Hunderman Blog

Traci Hunderman

Traci Hunderman, Resident Assistant

Traci is very knowledgeable and willing to help.  It’s fun to work with her. She listens and gives good advice. Traci is very ambitious and is attentive to the residents’ needs.




Honorees from Providence of Zeeland:


Trisha Bender

Trisha Bender

Tricia Bender, L.P.N.

Tricia is one of the kindest people there is! She always has a smile and always wants to help. Trish is very easy to work with and is good at keeping cool under pressure.



Karen Stinson

Karen Stinson

Karen Stinson, Life Enrichment Assistant

Karen has a heart filled with compassion. She engages the residents with wonderful creative crafts that they enjoy so much. She’s always willing to help and keeps smiling, even when things get stressful.



Nick DeWitt

Nick DeWitt

Nick DeWitt, Administrative Assistant

Nick has such a big heart and does a great job with our residents! He cares deeply for the residents and is always willing to come in and help out when needed.



Victoria Banks

Victoria Banks

Victoria Banks, Cook

Vicky prepares meals that are tasty and appealing. She is a very faithful employee who always puts the residents’ needs or wants first. She is also a very capable trainer who shows compassion and understanding.



Krysta Quick

Krysta Quick

Krysta Quick, Housekeeper

Krysta is always happy and is willing to really dig in and clean anything! She is diligent and hardworking, and takes pride in doing a job well. She also shows respect for the dignity and privacy of residents.




Honorees from Emerald Meadows


Lashell Moore

Lashell Moore

Lashell Moore, Med Tech

Lashell shows her compassion every day, living out our mission and performing her job with excellence. Her smile, soft tone and happy demeanor always brighten our residents’ faces.




Honorees from Park Place of Elmhurst:


Nancy Laurinautis Blog

Nancy Laurinautis

Nancy Laurinaitis, Activities Assistant

Nancy knows everyone by name and includes everyone in her activities. Her job skills are superior, with full knowledge of all programs; her energy keeps everyone awake and smiling!



Heather Gattuso Blog

Heather Gattuso

Heather Gattuso, Bistro Attendant

Heather has amazing customer service skills, and she always goes above and beyond for each resident and staff member. She loves her job and the residents, and it shows every day. Her coworkers say she is the best!



Jane Fisher

Jane Fisher

Jane Fisher, Hospitality Aide

Jane is an excellent worker, a great team player, and is always smiling! She is very good with the residents, is always helpful, and brings a special energy to everyone she works with. She makes Park Place a better place.



Jackie Coleman Blog

Jacqueline Coleman

Jacqueline Coleman, C.N.A.

Jackie has such a kind and caring nature. She is never too busy to help a resident with their needs. She always has a smile on her face and a constant willingness to engage in activities with the residents.




Theresa Chamavilla

Theresa Chamavilla, C.N.A.

Theresa is the hardest working C.N.A. we know. She is incredibly kind and helpful to her residents and coworkers, and is referred to as “Mother Theresa.” She works extra when needed and residents just love her.



Maria Lopez Blog

Maria Lopez

Maria Lopez, Housekeeper

Maria receives many compliments from residents and nurses who work with her. She is very compassionate and always helps out when needed. She truly cares about her unit and does extra without a second thought.



Roseanne Marcial Blog

Roseanne Marcial

Roseanne Marcial, R.N.

Roseanne always goes out of her way to help patients, families and coworkers, including coming in on short notice. She carries a positive attitude with her, encouraging her coworkers and giving a big hug when needed.



Gerry Sosa Blog

Gerry Sosa

Gerry Sosa, Janitor

Gerry cheerfully assists residents and staff, going beyond his usual duties.  He is a strong team player who mentors new staff and steps in whenever needed. He is a tremendous asset and deserving of distinction.



Alex Jimenez Blog

Alex Jimenez

Alex Jimenez, Dining Services Busser

Alex is a conscientious worker who knows everyone by name. He is always polite, friendly, and caring as he works diligently in order to serve residents promptly. Sometimes they call him the “unofficial dining room manager.”



Roy McGhee Blog

Roy McGhee

Roy McGhee, Hospitality Aide

Roy is a role model of good customer service and we are very lucky to have him. With a smile on his face, he makes whoever he is talking to feel important. He attends to patients right away and has a good work ethic.



Bryant Zabelny Blog

Bryant Zabelny

Bryant Zabelny, Utility Worker

Bryant has a great attitude and it is a pleasure to work with him. He helps keep the stock organized and the kitchen maintained. Bryant is a key part of the kitchen staff and his attendance is nearly perfect.




Honorees from Providence of Palos Heights:


IMG_5005 Julie Norton Blog

Julie Norton

Julie Norton, Unit Clerk

Julie has a positive, upbeat attitude and always goes above and beyond to help her fellow co-workers. She is caring and understanding, and it shows in her day-to-day interactions with patients and families.



IMG_5019 Sandra Akyaa Blog

Sandra Akyaa

Sandra Akyaa, C.N.A.

Sandra is soft-spoken but has a hearty laugh. She is gentle and kind, and has an awesome attitude as she does whatever is necessary to get the job done. She is the first one to step up when someone needs help.



Regina Moser Blog

Regina Moser

Regina Moser, C.N.A.

Regina shows compassion in all that she does. She is always there to lend a hand, helping anyone in need of assistance. She even went shopping for pants for a resident who will only take showers given by her.



Lorri Gurnak

Lorri Gurnak

Lorri Gurnak, C.N.A.

Lorri is a great listener. She takes the time to hear what residents have to say, and she responds with kindness and compassion. She goes out of her way for the residents and they love her, requesting her as their caregiver.



Sylvia Yates Blog

Sylvia Yates

Sylvia Yates, C.N.A.

Sylvia has a sunny personality and is always smiling and laughing. She is a sweet soul who knows how to step up, be a team player and a problem solver. She willingly stays over to cover staffing and help with new admissions.



IMG_5001 Sandy Miller Blog

Sandy Miller

Sandy Miller, L.P.N.

Sandy has shown consistently through the years that she is happy as well as calm, kind, and caring. I would be proud to work with her every day and approach any resident with her by my side.



Samantha Smerz Blog

Samantha Smerz

Samantha Smerz, R.N.

Samantha is a quiet, calm, and compassionate nurse who always seems to be in a good mood. She is a quick learner who always helps wherever she can, promoting the idea that we are working as a team.



Ann Sleboda Blog

Ann Sleboda

Ann Sleboda, R.N.

Ann is a very compassionate nurse who makes every patient feel special. She never makes a person feel rushed, but takes her time with each individual. Ann provides excellent wound care and is an all-around “good lady.”



IMG_5011 Tammy Toelker Blog

Tammy Tjoelker

Tammy Tjoelker, Life Enrichment Aide

Tammy sings beautifully and is willing to share this gift with others. She exemplifies all the qualities of a good leader during her activity groups, meaningfully engaging residents and using department resources creatively.



IMG_5017 Dawn Bakos Blog

Dawn Bakos

Dawn Bakos, Cook

Dawn cares for all of our clients, taking time out of her day to visit with them and really get to know them. She is kind and caring, and always willing to help anyone who needs it.



Mario Fields Blog

Mario Fields

Mario Fields, Dietary Aide

Mario makes dining fun. He can usually be seen laughing and joking with our clients. He engages them in conversation and is genuinely concerned for their wellbeing.




Honorees from Victorian Village:


Gabrielle Ceprackaite

Gabrielle Ceprackaite

Gabrielle Ceprackaite, Receptionist & Resident Care Manager

Gabby’s smiling face is the first thing people see when they enter. Gabby is kind and caring, willingly helping wherever she can. She is an all-around team player, and it is a joy to be around her.



Kathy Coyle

Kathy Coyle

Kathy Coyle, Community Relations Director

Kathy has a radiant personality. She thoughtfully makes sure that new residents and families have everything they need for a smooth, pleasant transition. Helping wherever she can, Kathy epitomizes Providence.



Priti Christian

Priti Christian

Priti Christian, L.P.N

The residents all love Priti’s pleasant, calming personality. She ensures the finest resident care and always looks for innovative ways to improve. She mentors new nurses to develop a high quality staff and fills in when needed.



Robert Jonas

Robert Jonas

Robert Jonas, Dishwasher

Robert is especially kind, considerate, and helpful. A hard worker, he gets whatever the residents need. They look forward to seeing Robert’s smile and talking with him.



Rolando Luciano

Rolando Luciano

Rolando Luciano, Maintenance Assistant

Rolando is a wonderful man with great manners. He is dedicated and helpful to the residents, with the necessary skills to fix, hang, and move just about anything. Before leaving he asks, “Is there anything else you need?”



Rosemarie Luciano

Rosemarie Luciano

Rosemarie Luciano, Housekeeping

Rose’s constant friendliness and help assisted me in the adjustment to living at the Grand Victorian. She is pleasant and tries very hard to please in her cleaning responsibilities, doing the little extras that mean so much.





Honorees from Village Woods:


Kelie KarstensenBlog

Kellie Karstensen

Kellie Karstensen, Healthcare Coordinator Assistant

Kellie always has a positive attitude and is willing to help anyone. Her kindness, gentleness and respect for each resident and co-worker are outstanding! This friendly, responsible team player shows her dedication daily.



Heather WittigBlog

Heather Wittig

Heather Wittig, Head Cook

Heather goes the extra mile to serve our residents. She creates menus around what the residents like, and is not afraid to try something new. She is diligent and responsible, a team player that helps anyone who is struggling.



Verrick Goss

Verrick Goss

Verrick Goss, Kitchen Steward

Verrick is industrious and competent, handling his responsibilities efficiently, with poise and professionalism. He addresses residents’ questions and concerns in a friendly, knowledgeable, and good-natured way.



Mark Ristau

Mark Ristau

Mark Ristau, Maintenance Assistant

With a friendly, kind and helpful attitude, Mark is always looking for the next job at hand. He works hard and follows up to make sure the resident is satisfied. He lets new residents know they can call on him for help.




Kelly Cardenas

Kelly Cardenas

Kelly Cardenas, Receptionist

Kelly’s exuberant personality shines through daily; her laughter and sense of humor brighten everyone’s day! She truly loves our residents and goes out of her way to help residents, families, visitors, and employees.




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  1. Mary Hill

    From Julie at Providence Palos Heights to Kathy, Priti, Gabby, and everyone at Victorian Village you have helped my family so much over the past 7 years, Thank You!
    Mary Hill Mrazek, Ruth and Victor Jankosky’s daughter


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