The Providence Registry: Healthcare Service On Demand

three women stand together making up the Providence Registry staff

Meet the Providence Registry staff!

Working when you want, where you want, seems like a fairy tale. But with the new employment opportunities offered through the Providence Registry, many people are choosing to do exactly that.

The Providence Registry is ideal for healthcare workers who may not want to work full-time, but are interested in working in Providence communities or with Providence home health services. 

After passing our screening process, employees are added to the registry and called when shifts are available. It benefits the employee, and because it is less expensive than an employment agency, it also saves money for the communities. Using an outside agency can be two to three times more expensive.

The Providence Registry offers flexible employment opportunities to qualified staff in our communities.

The Providence Registry offers flexible employment opportunities to qualified staff in our communities. The flexible employment hours allow staff a chance to see if they feel that a certain community is a good fit. In addition, the flexible hours allow people to work at Providence, even if they can’t commit to working a full-time schedule. Workers on the registry are offered shifts and can choose which ones they’d like to fill. Some people are able to cover enough shifts to work 40 hours a week—it’s all dependent on the needs of Providence communities and the hours desired by Registry workers. 

a young woman from the Providence Registry sits with a senior citizen woman

Staff employed through the Providence Registry are able to find meaningful employment that works with their schedules.

While currently the program is only employing CNAs, Providence is in the process of hiring a registered nurse to screen potential LPNs and RNs to join the registry. They hope to begin adding nurses within the next couple of months.

In addition to providing a flexible work option for some, the Registry will also help build up the amount of people who are permanent staff at Providence communities. For example, a registry employee’s schedule recently opened up, and she is now a full-time employee at a community—a good fit for the employee, the agency, and, most importantly, our residents.

If you are looking for employment through the Providence Registry, or for anywhere within the Providence Life Services family, you can see all of our employment opportunities at