Rehabilitation services help patients at Providence in Palos Heights

a man sits in a wheelchair and discusses the rehabilitation services at Providence of Palos Heights

Michael discusses his experience with the rehabilitation provided at Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation of Palos Heights.

“There isn’t an inch of this place I don’t know,” Michael Duffek says, enjoying the beautiful outdoor setting at Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation of Palos Heights. “It’s kind of like a second home to me.”

Michael has been a patient in the rehabilitation center eight times. At 74 years old, he’s had a lifetime of surgeries, beginning at seven years old. Michael was born with cerebral palsy, and at an early age decided to look on the positive side of things, which is one reason he was a professional cowboy clown. His smile and outlook on life are contagious to everyone he encounters.

“You can get down about things that you don’t like, sure,” Michael says, “but what does it help? Being sad doesn’t make things better. It just makes you more sad.”

And that’s one reason he appreciates Providence. “I love the staff. People here, they really want to know you. They like you. And I think that’s why they’re so good at making you get better. They’re excellent.”

“This is the best place for me,” Michael says of the rehabilitation he received from Providence.

So when Michael knows he needs rehabilitation services, Providence is the only place he wants to go. “I tell my doctors I want to go here,” he says. “By now I know that this is the best place for me.”

He is grateful to his doctors for the care they provide. And every time he finishes rehabilitation, he’s ready for his favorite part of life—bringing cheer into other people’s lives.

“I think that’s one reason it’s so good for me here. We both just want to make people feel better and forget about their troubles,” he says. “We don’t want people to be overlooked.”

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