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Downers Grove

“They didn’t give up on me.” - A Providence Downers Grove Testimonial

phrcdg_Campbell_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngGeorge Campbell is walking out the door to go back home, leaving Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation of Downers Grove after living there almost a year. This seemed impossible when he arrived at Providence, unable to walk, with trouble communicating verbally and feeling discouraged.

“I’d had five knee operations, and at the third one, they decided to just take out the knee and insert a steel rod,” he explains. “I was frustrated with my limitations, and I had emotional ups and downs.”

But with the support of family and Providence staff, George decided to make a change.

“About 5 or 6 weeks ago, my physical therapist and I just clicked,” George says. “He just kept going, but he didn’t push me. He had high expectations for what I’d get done.”

The staff at Providence credit George’s hard work for his success, but George adds that so many people at Providence made the difference, too.

“They didn’t give up on me,” he says. “The speech therapist spent some time getting me to talk correctly after the anesthesia affected my tongue. The physical therapists were very good. So many of the nursing staff were great.”

Seeing George walking and talking has inspired the Providence community, knowing he is going back home after making incredible strides. And George has advice for anyone else healing after knee surgery.

“Knee surgery itself is daunting,” George says. “If you want to leave quickly, you can do one of two things: You can get up and walk, or you can work with the staff to get what you want.”

George chose to work, and we’re thankful he chose to work with Providence.