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Saratoga Grove

“You can have your own life here.” - A Saratoga Grove Testimonial

sg_MaryTuttle_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngMary Tuttle did not like the idea of living alone. After her husband died, she still lived a few houses down from her daughter. But then when her daughter also died, she came back to Illinois to near her other daughters.

“The doctor said she couldn’t live on her own,” her daughter, Sandy Engbrecht says. “She had to give up driving. She felt like she was losing her independence, but she needed to be somewhere safe.”

Mary was reluctant to move to a retirement community. It felt like one more piece of freedom she was losing. But Sandy was confident that Saratoga Grove was the right fit for her mother. And she was right.

“It didn’t take her long to make this her home,” her granddaughter Jeanne Beard says. “She made a lot of friends here and she was so happy.”

The family felt peace, knowing that Mary could have a great deal of independence, but she’d also have healthcare available if the need came up, and staff were on campus 24/7.

“Staff were always very helpful,” Sandy says. “I felt very good about her being here. You can have your own life here, but you also have the help if you ever need it.”

The first Christmas Mary stayed at Saratoga Grove, her family put out a snow village display at the community. Now, years after Mary has passed away, her family continues to visit Saratoga Grove, and each Christmas, visitors and residents enjoy the snow village display.

“It’s a way to say thanks to all that Saratoga Grove meant to Grandma Mary,” her great-grandson Chris Engbrecht says. “I’ll never stop coming here.”