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Saratoga Grove

"No one is a stranger here." –A Saratoga Grove Testimonial

Audrey has called many different places “home” during her life. She was born in Lithuania, and then moved to Germany when she was young. For a short time, she lived in Paris before moving with her family to Argentina, where she lived for 15 years. Then she moved to the United States as an adult.

“I was 21 when I came to this country,” she says. “I worked in a guitar factory in the day and went to night school to learn English.” It was at that factory that she met her husband, a SG_AudreyK_Testimonial_Portrait_350x350.pngguitar expert who worked in Quality Control. They married, and because of his expertise, they met many successful musicians, including Glen Campbell, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffet, and Julio Iglesias.

She and her husband lived in Chicago for 50 years, raising two daughters, Patrician and Nancy. But as her husband aged, things began to change. “My husband was showing signs of Alzheimer’s,” Audrey says. “I was able to care for him at home for several years, but he began to need more medical care.” 

In 2013, she and her family decided a move to Saratoga Grove was best, where her husband could receive compassionate Memory Care and she could live in the same building in an Independent Living apartment. She spent most of her time with him until he passed away in 2014. She had been so grateful for the care he received, but now that he was gone, she had to make a decision.

“I wasn’t thinking of myself when I moved here,” she says. “It was for my husband, and now he was gone. So now I had to think about me. I could move in with my daughter. I could find an apartment to rent. Or I could just stay here. And I decided to stay here.”

Now that Audrey had more time, she immersed herself in the community. She volunteered for bingo and setting up for spiritual services. She became involved in the many life enrichment opportunities available, and she met people and made friends with both her neighbors and staff. For Audrey, a former ballet and flamenco dancer, an active lifestyle is important. She walks everywhere on the beautiful campus, and she takes advantage of the fitness program and gym, specialized for older adults right in her community. And she enjoys frequent visits with her daughters, granddaughters Becky and Ashley, and great-granddaughters Lily and Norah. Staying at Saratoga Grove was the right decision for what Audrey needed.

“No one is a stranger here,” Audrey says. “We’re a close, small community, and we welcome our new neighbors with open arms. I love that you can know everybody.”

And for Audrey, a world traveler, she knows she’s where she belongs.

“We’re a big family,” Audrey says. “I’m glad to call Saratoga Grove ‘home.’”