A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial: “I feel at home here.”

an elderly man sits in a rocking chair giving a Royal Atrium Inn testimonial

A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial: Dennis says, “I feel at home here” at Royal Atrium Inn.

Dennis had spent his life running a successful floral business and involved in ministry. Recently, he decided he might need a little more help as he aged. Read on to hear a Royal Atrium Inn testimonial from Dennis, and why he chose the freedom that comes with assisted living.

Dennis Walters has been living at Royal Atrium Inn since Labor Day of 2017, and the decision was one of practicality. “I’m getting older. I felt I’d be needing more help,” he says.

Dennis chose Royal Atrium Inn primarily because it was close to his son, but also because he already knew some of the people who lived here. Since moving, however, he has made many new friends.

“I’ve met some people who I wouldn’t have otherwise been in contact with, very kind people,” he says. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised.”

Dennis, who ran a successful family floral business for many years, also appreciates the attention to detail at Royal Atrium Inn. “I’ve been impressed with how organized everyone is,” he says. “I know what’s it’s like to work with many different people who want many different things, and somehow they make things happen here.”

Dennis, who still leads Bible studies and works in team ministry, also enjoys the opportunities to talk to others about God’s Word. “Not everyone who is here is a Christian, but the place has a Christian flavor,” he says. “I feel at home here.”

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