Senior Living Myths Debunked!

You’ve probably heard your share of senior living myths. People picture losing their independence, losing what makes them unique, and they fear what it will be like for them to live in independent living housing.

Here in our Providence communities, retirement living is active living. We offer countless activities and social opportunities, and we strive to make sure our residents know that they are home. One look inside Providence-style retirement living will show you that opportunities abound, and you don’t have to be bored unless that’s what you choose.

senior citizens converse with each other, eating and drinking, showing senior living myths debunked.

Senior living myths debunked: retirement living is vibrant living in our communities.

Time and again, seniors in our community tell us how they were not sure they wanted to give up their houses and move to one of our residences, but that now they feel it was the best decision they could have made. We don’t get reports of our residents missing home maintenance or losing their social lives.

The truth is, myths abound concerning senior independent living. Next Avenue, one of the leading groups in the senior housing industry, shared some great information to counter those myths. Read about it by clicking here.

Whatever may be holding you back, we invite you to visit one of our communities. Meet our residents. Find out for yourself just how active and vibrant senior living can be.

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