Senior Living Royalty: Scott Studebaker Lives Out the Family Motto

Scott Studebaker’s father Wendell ran a successful senior living community in Zion, Illinois, and his motto was simple.

Scott has served at Providence for 34 years.

“Treat the residents like kings and queens.”

It has stayed with Scott throughout his 34 years of service to Providence Life Services, the place he has chosen to spend most of his professional career.

Scott had been involved in the senior living business since he began helping with his father’s company at age 12 and continued to serve there into his adulthood after getting his Nursing Home Administrator’s license. Soon afterward, Scott’s father-in-law told him about a new non-profit Skilled Care building opening in Downers Grove. Scott called Richard Mulder and met with him and Rich Schutt to discuss the opportunity, and Scott was soon hired as Assistant Administrator at Rest Haven Downers Grove, and later Administrator over both the skilled nursing care building and the Retirement and Assisted Living additions that were added.

Scott has served in various positions during his tenure with Providence, but his heart is still strongly tied to our Downers Grove community. “I remember when we built the dining room, the parking lot, and the Saratoga Grove portion,” Scott says. “Groundbreakings are so exciting because you get to watch the expansions of the ministry grow from scratch.”

Scott works as the liaison to our local legislators.

Scott has been with Providence long enough to see many groundbreakings. But it’s the relationships he’s been blessed to build with many of the supporters of Providence that he treasures so dearly.

“I think of the Women’s Auxiliary starting, thanks to the service of women like Barb Vriesman and Lena Keizer,” Scott says. “They were dedicated to our ministry, and their fundraising efforts helped the Saratoga Grove community beyond words.”

With his current position as Vice President of Ministry and Development, he gets to spend a great deal of one-on-one time with people. “It’s a fun job,” he says. “I get to hang out with so many great people.” He also works to connect with legislators and politicians in the area.

Scott knows he belongs at Providence and has felt connected with the ministry from the beginning of his service. “Without question, this is family. It’s my life. To have a dad who was a great administrator and owner in the same industry, and to carry that legacy with me in the work we do here is special. To be able to fulfill the mission in Jesus’s name is even more special.”