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Education for Yourself or Your Team

Are you looking for Aging Expertise to train your team? Or are you looking for opportunities to earn Continuing Education Credits to further your career in geriatrics? Our team of qualified, licensed experts can provide training for your team of professionals that can be used to further their knowledge, or can even count toward continuing education for licensure.

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Furthering Your Knowledge

We offer opportunities to earn Continuing Education (CE) credit that may be used for the licensure that your healthcare field requires. Our experienced staff offer community-wide training at different public locations, and we can also come to your organization and provide the training you need.

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Available Trainings

  • A Closer Look at Common Dementias: Lewy Body, Vascular and Frontotemporal Dementia
  • Fall Risk with the Dementia Resident
  • Geriatric Anxiety
  • Ethics in the Workplace: Let’s be Civil
  • Skillful Communication
  • It’s About Me: Self-Care

… and many more!

Let Us Know How We Can Help Educate Your Employees or Help You Earn Continuing Education Credits.

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