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Arts in Mission:
Park Place artists give back

ELMHURST, Ill. — Oil and water don’t usually mix — but at Park Place of Elmhurst, oil paintings and watercolors have been brought together for a good cause. Four residents at the retirement community have offered their original artwork for Park Place’s new “Arts in Mission” program. The paintings are different media and different styles, but they have been collected for a common goal: they will be sold for the benefit of other seniors in need of care. The artists who contributed to the program — Hadley Pihl, Joyce Knuepfer, Jan Covey, and Walter Martin — have donated more than 50 paintings so far, some of which have been created right in the art studio at Park Place. “Park Place has given us residents a marvelous studio,” Hadley said — and now he wants to give back. It was his idea to deposit each dollar made from the sale of Arts in Mission paintings into the resident assistance fund, which covers the cost of care for Providence Life Services residents who have outlived their resources. “One day, Hadley stopped me in the hallway and said that he would like to sell his paintings, and donate 100 percent of the proceeds […]

Elmhurst artist’s mural
honors Park Place residents

ELMHURST, Ill. (February 2015) — Pat loved being a housewife, and she enjoys gardening; Art was a surgeon, tennis player, and golfer. These facts are posted in a freshly painted mural in the Gilead, the memory care area at Park Place Health and Wellness Center. The mural, painted by local artist Donna Castellanos, shares details about the 20 Gilead residents — details about who they were and who they are, details they themselves might not always remember. This information helps visitors and other families learn more about each resident. A quote at the bottom reads, “Time passes … memories fade … but the heart never forgets.” The idea for the mural came from the life enrichment staff — there was a large open wall near the entrance to the area, and they wanted to use it for something meaningful. Health and Wellness Center Life Enrichment Director Kathy Groenendyk had a vision for a tree, because over time, the residents and their families become like one large family. “From when we opened (in 2012), I wanted to put something on that wall, and somehow, the vision of a Gilead family tree came up,” Groenendyk said. “We wanted something beautiful, something that tells about […]