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Providence of Downers Grove resident shares his strong belief in the importance of political involvement

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (OCTOBER 2014) — Providence of Downers Grove resident Jim Bersie has some advice for the upcoming election. It’s short and it’s simple, but he believes in it very strongly: everyone should get out and vote. “I think politics are important, and people need to get involved, or they’ll miss things about our country,”Bersie said. “I tell people, ‘I don’t care whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican. Stop complaining and get involved in the political process. Run for office or volunteer for the person you choose. And, most importantly, vote!’” Bersie has taken his own advice: he has worked in politics, volunteered for candidates, and always, always votes. “I voted as soon as I was old enough and haven’t missed a vote since,”he said. Now, he has an absentee ballot sent to him by the DuPage County Election Commission automatically for each election. And he’s not the only one at Providence of Downers Grove who receives an absentee ballot —in fact, Percy Bhagat, the Life Enrichment Director, gets the ballots for all the long-term residents at Providence. “I’m all set to go for next month’s election,”she said. “Residents like to vote, and it’s important for them to do […]