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Providence breaks ground in St. John

ST. JOHN, Ind. (October 2014) – Providence Life Services broke ground Thursday, Oct. 16, on its newest development, Park Place of St. John, celebrating the next step toward building its first community in Indiana. Cloudy skies and a little mud did nothing to dampen the excitement surrounding the groundbreaking for the full-spectrum senior living community. Park Place of St. John will feature innovative services and offer retirement living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and memory care on the campus at The Gates of St. John. “By God’s providence, we come to the Gates of St. John,” said Providence Life Services CEO Richard Schutt at the groundbreaking ceremony. “Today marks the beginning of many years of service to the St. John community.” Sixty apartments will make up the first phase of retirement living on the new campus, which is expected to open for residents in the spring of 2016. One- and two-bedroom apartments will be available in five different floor plans, with options for one or two bathrooms, a patio, balcony and enclosed garages. Laundry facilities will be included in each unit. Community space in the building will be plentiful, and Park Place of St. John will also be connected with the surrounding […]

Providence Memory Care training enhances quality of life

As part of our commitment to creating Dementia Friendly Communities, all Providence staff receive special training to better serve our residents. For 12 hours over 2 days, Providence caregivers, housekeepers, dining staff, and Life Enrichment staff receive specialized training in understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory impairments. The first four hours of Providence Memory Care training are designed for all Providence staff, whether they are in a direct caregiving role or not. Creative care Nurses, CNAs, and other direct caregivers receive an additional eight hours of Memory Care training. They learn to design creative programs that improve quality of life. They learn special strategies for communicating with people who are unable to express themselves. They learn to keep people safe without treating them like children. “Safety is an important concern,” says one caregiver, “because the disease has robbed clients of their sense of judgment and their physical senses. We need flexibility and creativity to meet their needs successfully.” The training itself is creative as well. In one exercise, participants wear stiff gloves to simulate the effects of arthritis. Dark glasses limit their vision. And headphones fill their ears with static or unintelligible voices, similar to the problems many seniors report about using hearing […]

How to Get the Most
out of your Rehab Program

1. Choose the best rehab in the best setting Getting the best therapy usually requires some research ahead of time. Make sure you consider not only the actual rehab services offered, but also the setting those services are offered in. If you are going to be staying somewhere for 30 days or longer, you want to enjoy the food, the social activities, the amenities, and the people. That’s what Robert found. He was recovering from surgery and needed therapy. His doctor recommended Providence. Robert was delighted with not only the therapy he received, but also the caring atmosphere and quality service. At times he would sit in the dining room and just observe the staff interacting with residents and patients. He was always impressed with their attentiveness. “People here,” he said in an interview, “they talk to you. They tell you things to help you.” 2. Do what they tell you Robert understood that quality therapy is an important part of the equation. (That’s why his doctor referred him to Providence.) But he also knew that success would depend on his own involvement too. “If you want to get well and go home,” said Robert, “you got to do what […]