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A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial: “It’s a great thing to be here.”

Russell Borgman didn’t have to move too far to move to Royal Atrium Inn. “I lived across the road for 20 years,” he says, “and I had a condo in Florida where I used to spend some time.” But as Russell’s physical needs increased, his doctor decided the trips to Florida would take too much of a toll on his health. “I knew I needed some help,” Russell says, “so I decided to move to Royal Atrium Inn.” Since moving, Russell enjoys his one-bedroom apartment and the help he gets. “They check on me here,” he says. “My lungs are bad, and it makes me feel better that they check on me 4 or 5 times a night.” But Russell also enjoys the greater independence he feels since moving to an Assisted Living community. “The food is great—I never run out of things to eat, and I never have to cook. And I feel like I can do what I want here because I always have people looking after me.” For Russell, though, the amenities are only a part of what he loves. “This is a great atmosphere,” he says. “The people are just tremendous. They know you by name […]

Hallmark of Caring honors Providence employees

TINLEY PARK, Ill. (March 2016) — Each year, we honor outstanding employees in an event called “Hallmark of Caring.” Providence people in various jobs are nominated by their co-workers, our residents, or residents’ families for their efforts throughout the year. This year’s 74 honorees live out our mission to “enhance the lives of those we serve in the name of Jesus Christ,” and demonstrate excellence in skill, work ethic, and compassion. Employees will be added to the list below until the event on March 11 — look for updates here and on our Facebook pages. Join us in congratulating the honorees!   Honorees from Park Place of Elmhurst:   Stephanie James, CNA – Skilled Stephanie is extremely compassionate and always has a positive attitude. She makes an extra effort, like coming in early to shampoo a resident’s hair because they cannot extend their head in the shampoo bowl in the salon. She also shows initiative by leading restorative exercises with our residents.     Angela Bianchi, CNA – Skilled “When Angela’s here, you know it’s going to be a good day.” This was said by a client who has a great appreciation for her. That’s because Angela is always cheerful, takes pride in […]

Providence employees honored through Hallmark of Caring

TINLEY PARK, Ill. (March 2015) — At Providence Life Services, we are so blessed by and thankful for the wonderful staff members who fill a variety of roles at each Providence community. Every year in March, we honor some of our employees at the “Hallmark of Caring” event; this year, the theme of the event is “Reflections of Grace.” Staff, residents, and families at each location nominated people whose compassion, heart, and skill make a difference, and those who were selected are invited to a celebration on March 20. We’d like to bring these outstanding employees to your attention, too! We’ll share a little about each of the Providence people who were chosen this year to receive the honor, naming a few more each day until the Hallmark of Caring event. Look for updates here and announcements on our Facebook pages, and take a moment to congratulate the honorees! Want to work with these wonderful people? Look for job openings at www.workatprovidence.com. Honorees from Providence Life Services, corporate office:   Beth Cunningham, Executive Assistant Beth’s poise and sunny disposition, as well as her professionalism, are always a bright spot in the day. She is always eager to help and represents Providence with the […]

A Salute to Our Veterans

guest post by Jeff Zylstra, Community Manager, Royal Park Place and Royal Atrium Inn It is an annual tradition for Royal Park Place and Royal Atrium Inn (Providence communities in Zeeland, Michigan) to host a Fathers Day event. This year we invited Mr. Cal Klokkert, a Johnny Cash impersonator, to entertain us. The program was exceptional! Mr. Klokkert intermingled songs with biographical information that made “The Man in Black” come to life. Toward the end of the program, Mr. Klokkert asked if there were any veterans in the room. Although I didn’t have time to count, I was amazed that about one-third of the hundred men in the room raised their hands. There were World War II veterans, Vietnam veterans, Korean War veterans, and Gulf War veterans. Before the rest of us had time to applaud, Mr. Klokkert asked two veterans to help him with his next song. Don Schrock, a Royal Park Place resident, and his son-in-law Warren Harding walked to the front. Mr. Klokkert carefully unfolded a tattered American flag and asked them to hold it while he sang Johnny Cash’s “Ragged Old Flag.” RAGGED OLD FLAG I walked through a county courthouse square— on a park bench, […]

New Life in Assisted Living — one resident’s experience

Many people find that moving to a retirement or assisted living community gives them new opportunities, new freedoms. They expected “less,” and found more. The transformation can be amazing. What follows is the story of one woman’s experience when she moved in to Royal Atrium Inn, our assisted living community in Zeeland, Michigan: I didn’t know who I was. I had started life as an only daughter. Then I was a sister. Then I was a student, and after high school I became a wife (for 70 years!). Motherhood followed, and grandmother-hood, and great grandmother-hood! For most of my life, my only title was “Mrs.” Then my husband died, and I had to rediscover myself. What was my purpose for living? What are my likes and dislikes? What skills do I have? What activities do I enjoy? My journey of self-discovery began with the road trip from South Carolina to Michigan. I felt like a five-year-old again! The winding road, uphill and down, felt like a roller coaster, and I was delighted. I hadn’t seen a cow or a horse for almost 15 years, but in Michigan they dotted the landscape. The good, black dirt and the beautiful farmland made me […]