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A sport that’s right up their alley: Victorian Village residents compete in Wii bowling league

HOMER GLEN, Ill. (March 2015) — Shirley Dyke stepped up, eyed the pins, and opened Week Six of the Victorian Village Wii bowling league with a perfect strike. In this bowling league, chairs and wheelchairs are positioned around the TV as if around a lane, and each bowler moves front and center to take his or her turn. What started as part of the fitness program has turned into a well-attended and competitive league, complete with team names and league t-shirts. The league is made up of seven teams of four bowlers each, and four subs fill in when needed. Members come from each part of campus: the townhomes, independent living, assisted living, and even memory care. Next year, Life Enrichment Director Connie Jaros is hoping to include residents from the newly opened Small Houses, which serves people in need of skilled nursing care. Everyone is welcome; each bowler is coached by teammates and assisted by life enrichment staff as needed. The eight-week season started at the end of January, and games are played on Mondays and Tuesdays. The end-of-season banquet and awards night will be March 31. Standings are kept throughout the season; Jaros tracks not only the standings, but also […]

Providence of Zeeland first in Michigan to use Bionic Leg

ZEELAND, Mich. (February 2015) — We have the technology — and now it’s in Michigan. Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center of Zeeland (Mich.) is now using the AlterG Bionic Leg to help clients 
get moving again — and it is the first rehab center in the state to have this technology. Providence of Zeeland joins its sister rehab centers, Providence of Palos Heights (Ill.) and Downers Grove (Ill.), in using the new wearable robotic trainer. The Bionic Leg is activated when the patient shifts weight, and it provides support to help patients naturally re-learn how to use an injured limb. Read more about the benefits of the Bionic Leg here.

Students, residents benefit from intergenerational classes

ELMHURST, Ill. (February 2015) — When Timothy Christian High School added an interim term, called “Renew,” it was an opportunity for students to experience new things. For some students, that meant intergenerational learning. Timothy teachers created classes for the school’s new nine-day term, and five of them included interaction with residents at next-door senior living community Park Place of Elmhurst. Timothy and Park Place have worked together many times in the past, as part of their intergenerational program, Bridges. The program includes a Park Place booster club that supports Timothy soccer, and Timothy “technical advisers,” who help Park Place residents program their remote or hook up their printer. Student artists can show their work in the Park Place Gallery, and Park Place residents host Ping-Pong games against students every other week. Some students volunteer regularly with the program, but for others, the Renew classes gave them their first experience with intergenerational learning. In some of the Renew classes, Park Place residents were teaching their young visitors: “Beyond Texting” was advertised to teenagers who could learn a few things about interpersonal communication. At the end of the course, they went down the road to try out their communication skills with the resident […]

Providence rehab centers add new technology

PALOS HEIGHTS and DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (January 2015) – We have the technology. The AlterG Bionic Leg and the EarlySense monitoring system — which tracks vital signs through a sensor under a bed’s mattress — are the newest technological advances added to sub-acute rehab care at Providence Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Palos Heights. Providence of Palos Heights is the first rehab center in Illinois to use the EarlySense technology. It will allow continuous, contact-free, overnight monitoring of rehab patients. The center joins Providence of Downers Grove in adding the Bionic Leg, the first wearable 
robotic trainer, to its rehabilitation program. The Bionic Leg is activated when the patient shifts weight to the affected limb. This helps patients naturally re-learn how to use an injured limb. Providence therapists find that the Bionic Leg helps patients stand stronger, walk more confidently, and recover sooner. It is a powerful rehab tool, particularly following stroke, incomplete spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis and general lower-extremity weakness. “It’s helping patients with sit-to-stand, and giving them feedback on how to shift their weight better — it gives external support, but can be adjusted to allow them to use their own muscles as much as […]