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Loneliness ends for widower after moving to Village Woods

Loneliness ends for a widower after he moved to Village Woods. This is Ben’s story: Ben Dykstra, 90, uses every opportunity to talk about how much he loves his life at Village Woods since moving here in the fall. “My kids tell me I’m a great salesman for this place,” he says. Ben looked at another community, but Village Woods was the clear choice for several reasons. One reason he chose Village Woods was for the scenic setting ­— the wide open spaces are just his style. “I get up in the morning, the sun comes over the horizon, and it’s just so beautiful. The view I get with all the trees — and I can see for miles out there. Everything I see is just so wonderful.” Another reason he chose Village Woods was for the social life. Socialization is important to Ben, because he had been missing that for a while. “When I was at home, after my wife died three years ago, I kind of dropped out of society. Many of my friends had died. Most of the time I was so lonesome.” Now, he doesn’t have time for loneliness. “There’s so much to do here. Twice […]