Village Woods resident completes his rehab at Park Place St. John

an elderly man sits in a chair and discusses that his rehab at Park Place St. John made him feel that staff were right there when needed

Ed Eriks, a Village Woods resident, discusses his rehab at Park Place St. John, saying, “They were right there to help me.”

CRETE, Ill.–Edward Eriks, Village Woods resident, recently completed his rehab at Park Place St. John.

Ed is 101-years-old, but he doesn’t feel it. If you visit Village Woods, you’re sure to see him moving around easily on his electric wheelchair, and you’ll hear everyone greet him by name, as he’s active in his community.

“This is my home, and I sure do like it here,” he says.

That’s why, when he took a fall earlier this year, Ed chose Park Place of St. John for his rehabilitation services.

“The people who work at Village Woods are the best,” he says. “And I knew I’d find the same kind of people working at Park Place.”

And he was right. “When it came time for my treatments, the staff was right there,” Ed says. “They did a real good job, and they wanted to make sure they were right there to help me every step of the way.”

“They were right there to help me,” Ed Eriks says of his stay for rehab at Park Place St. John Health and Wellness Center.

Ed had never had a rehabilitation stay in his life, so he wasn’t sure what to expect. “But I tell you,” he says, “it really felt like home.”

Ed enjoyed the short walk from his room to the dining area. “When you’re trying to get better, it’s hard to walk down a long hallway.”

And he also loved the many cozy nooks where he could sit and socialize with his family. “My family visited a lot, and Park Place is close to them, so it all worked out great.”

Now Ed is back at Village Woods, but he says if he needs rehab again, he knows where he’s going.

“If you need it,” he says, “it’s a good place to go.”

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