Woman feels peace since her choice to live at Village Woods

woman sits in a chair and talks about the choice to live at village woods

The choice to live at Village Woods was an easy one for Audrey, who didn’t want to live alone in her house after her husband passed away.

Audrey Kielbasinski feels peace since her choice to live at Village Woods, and peace comes in all forms–sometimes in the form of a good night’s sleep.

Audrey had lived with her husband in their house for over 20 years, so when he passed away, her home suddenly felt big and lonely.

Her children were concerned for her, so Audrey came to visit Village Woods, a retirement community where her friend lives. She loved it immediately and decided she was moving in, and she is grateful she did.

“I don’t have to worry about the grass, or about shoveling snow, or replacing things that break in the house,” she says.

Audrey still has her car at Village Woods, and enjoys the freedom to come and go as she pleases, but when the weather is poor, she rides the Village Woods bus to the store, or she stays in and enjoys the scenic view of the winter landscape from safely behind a window.

And after many years of cooking, Audrey was more than happy to retire her apron. “I don’t have to worry about meals! I bought this big refrigerator, but I hardly have anything in there. The food here is great.”

Audrey has always been quite social, and that hasn’t changed since her move to Village Woods. Audrey is active in the many social opportunities, including Walking Club, SeniorFit exercises, trivia, bunco, bingo, and so much more.

“My kids say, ‘When are you in your room?’ and I say, ‘Not too often!’”

“I sleep like a baby here,” Audrey says of her choice to live at Village Woods.

Her children and grandchildren are happy knowing Audrey is safe and happy, and when they come to visit, they continue to express to Audrey how friendly staff is and how lovely the views are. Audrey agrees that the staff, from maintenance to dining, are accommodating and kind.

“I couldn’t ask for a better place. It’s stress-free, worry-free. I love it here.”

“And,” she adds, “I sleep like a baby here.”

For more information about retirement living in townhouse or apartments at Village Woods, click here, or go to www.VillageWoods.com.