Woman loves 24-hour care she gets at Providence Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Zeeland

After multiple short term stays at nursing homes, Vivian Dunn, 73, became a long term resident this year at Providence Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Zeeland. “There’s a lot of care that

Closeup portrait of a relaxed senior woman drinking coffee while smiling on couch. providence healthcare and rehabilitation of Zeeland provides quality care

At Providence Healthcare and Rehabilitation of Zeeland, quality care is a priority.

comes through this place, and that doesn’t happen everywhere,” she says.

About 20 years ago, Vivian found out she has hereditary lymphedema, which causes swelling, pain, and loss of mobility. She has battled those symptoms ever since, and has to elevate her legs a lot, and be cautious of bruising. Over the past few years, she checked into Providence repeatedly to recover from various related conditions: a surgery, a hurt leg, a back issue. After “bad experiences” at other nursing homes, she knew that she would choose Providence when it came time to move in. “They’re fantastic,” she says of the nursing staff. “I’m telling you the CNAs are terrific!”

Recently, Providence personnel installed a floor to ceiling pole with gripping material by her bedside, making a “world of difference” and enabling her to get in and out of bed without calling for assistance. “They see a need, they get right to it and take care of it,” she says. “From the administration down, I tell you, they’re so great.”

“The CNAs are terrific!” Vivian loves the care she gets at Providence Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Zeeland.

Vivian is attempting to walk a little more distance each day, but in the meantime, she also uses a wheelchair to move around more and see friends. She goes to most of the activities and shows up at bingo mostly for the fellowship. “I go around twice a day just to say hi,” she says. “I’ve learned to love so many of these people.”

As a Christian, she appreciates that the chaplain comes by, and Sunday services are available to residents. Vivian’s husband and daughter live nearby, so she’s pleased that Providence is a convenient location, and they can now have peace of mind about her. “I just needed 24-hour care,” she says. “The nurses here do a good job, and it’s a hard job. I’m thankful that the Lord’s given me enough strength I don’t have to call them every five minutes.”

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