Robert Chamberlain PAH


reviewsRobert Chamberlain:
“We get along just fine”

Robert Chamberlain is a man who knows his strengths but is not afraid of his weaknesses. He designed and built the house he and his wife lived in for 42 years, but he also welcomed his daughter and her family to live with him after his wife died and he needed help.

Seventeen years ago he learned he had Parkinson’s Disease, and he approached that diagnosis like he would any remodeling project — measuring, changing, learning, adapting, taking his time to make things work. In fact, Robert calls Parkinson’s “my friend,” because, he says, “I have to learn to get along with him.”

For Robert, “getting along with” Parkinson’s means doing as much as he can on his own — and not being too proud to ask for help when he needs it. So four years ago he hired a Providence At Home caregiver. She spends every day with him, from 8:00am to 3:00pm. She walks with him every morning, setting a pace that makes him work a little to keep up. She sets a caffeinated beverage in front of him at appointed times, while he gets out the pills he knows he needs.

“We get along just fine,” says Robert, expressing appreciation for a caregiver who understands him enough to offer just the right blend of help and space. Together they keep a regimen that gives the whole family peace of mind.

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