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An Active Lifestyle for Everyone

How would you like to spend your day? Maybe you’d like to get up early, grab breakfast in the dining room, then head to your exercise class. Or maybe you’d like to sleep in a bit, then head down to the library and begin reading a new thriller. Perhaps you’re a social butterfly who wants to host brunch in your apartment, then head out shopping with your neighbors. Is competition more your style? If so, you’ll enjoy pool and bowling tournaments. There's just so much to do!

table of royal park place resident laugh together as they place rummikub
male royal park place staff assists senior female resident on exercise bike

Stay Cozy Indoors

Numerous activities and events are offered right on campus, including:

  • Exercise Programs
  • Live Entertainment
  • Educational Seminars
  • Worship Services
  • Wii Bowling and Pool Competitions
an older adult female enjoys the outdoors at royal park place with her two female grandchildren

Active Outings

  • Local attractions
  • Dining Out
  • Walks Around the Grounds
  • Fishing in Local Waters
  • Local Theater
  • Shopping Trips

These lists offer just a sampling of the activities we offer. And if you’d like to add something to the calendar, our Life Enrichment staff are always looking for new ideas!

Meet our Life Enrichment Director

If a building had a heart, and you were looking for the heart of Royal Park Place, you’d likely find it beating strongly at whatever life-enriching activity Paula St. Amant is leading at that moment. With 24 years of service, Paula calls Royal Park Place “my home."

Life Enrichment Calendar

Click below to explore a sampling of the many activities available on our campus throughout the week.

Time Activity Location
6:00 pm Alzheimer’s Support Group Front Office
Time Activity Location
4:00 pm Taco Tuesday Dining Room
4:30 pm Dinner and Shopping Trip
Time Activity Location
3:30 pm Bingo Dining Room
6:30 pm Birthday Celebration Dining Room
Time Activity Location
10-11 am Blood Pressure Clinic Atrium Corridor
2:00 pm Food Committee Meeting Queens Room
3:30 pm Choir Practice Dining Room
Time Activity Location
4:30 pm Soup and Social Fun Queens Room
Time Activity Location
4:30 pm Dinner and Concert Trip
6:30 pm Movie Night Kings Room
Time Activity Location
6:00 pm Worship Service

Read our latest community newsletter to learn more about the active lifestyle here at Royal Park Place!

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Your Active Lifestyle Awaits.

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