About Providence Hospice

About Providence HospiceAbout Providence Hospice

“Dear Compassionate People — Friends,” begins a letter to our Hospice staff. “I want to thank Providence for the patient and kind treatment provided for my dear wife. It is so difficult when you know and can see that your loved one will soon pass away. You helped me and the family accept the end.”

This letter captures the very reason Providence Life Services, in 2002, decided to offer a Hospice ministry along with our other life services. We walk with people throughout their retirement, often including difficult health issues. And we wanted to be able to serve them at the end as well, when they need spiritual comfort as well as physical help.

So Providence Hospice was formed. Since 2002, a team of Providence nurses, physicians, therapists, aides, chaplains, dietary experts, and volunteers has offered the care and hope people need in order to prepare for eternity with dignity.

What makes the team unique is the special sense of calling that informs their work. Their medical qualifications are remarkable, but what sets Providence Hospice apart is the personal commitment these people have to offer hope and help when people need it most.

Providence Hospice is licensed in both Illinois and Indiana.


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