Providence Hospice Illinois and Providence Hospice Indiana are both here to serve you when you need us for Hospice care and Palliative Care


MYTH | “Choosing hospice means I’m giving up hope.”
FACT | Hospice is about redefining hope. You may hope to be pain-free, or to see an old friend one more time, or to stay at home rather than going to a hospital. Your hospice team will provide comfort and the highest quality of life possible, so you can live each day to the fullest.


MYTH | “Hospice means I’m dying right now, and is only for the last days of my life.”
FACT | Hospice starts when you’re entering the acute phase of the terminal illness and extends beyond your death. Our goal is to get involved as soon as possible and form relationships with you and your family. That way, we can help you solve health problems as they arise and stop them from getting out of control. We will also be there for you and your loved ones through the entire process and bereavement afterwards.


MYTH | “I’ll lose my doctor if I enter hospice.”
FACT | Your personal doctor is an important member of the hospice team. You get to choose your doctor, and we will honor your choice.

MYTH | “I can’t get any medical treatment under hospice.”
FACT | Your treatment is personalized to you and your needs. Hospice nurses do use antibiotics, provide wound care, and will seek treatment for problems. We do not just “let things go.” While you will not be receiving treatment that aims to cure, our goal will be to keep you comfortable and keep any symptoms under control.


MYTH | “Hospice will stop all of my medications.”
FACT | Most, if not all, medications continue. We will only stop medications with you and your doctor’s permission. If you can no longer swallow pills, we may change your prescription to a liquid version, or discontinue it altogether.


MYTH | “If I start hospice, they will give me morphine.”
FACT | Only a percentage of hospice patients end up needing morphine; these are usually patients with breathing troubles, as morphine allows the lungs to open and bring in more air. There are many other ways we can try to manage your pain before selecting morphine.


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MYTH | “Hospice means I have to leave my home.”
FACT | Hospice care can be provided in your home, in an Assisted Living community, or in a nursing home. Anywhere that you call home, hospice comes to you.


MYTH | “Hospice means I have to be in a wheelchair or in my bed.”
FACT | There is no homebound restriction. Many patients on hospice walk, go out to eat, and can travel with their family. Whatever you can tolerate, we encourage you to do!


MYTH | “Hospice care is expensive.”
FACT | Hospice is covered by Medicare and most insurances. Supplies and equipment are covered, as well as some of your medications. We will let you know of any additional cost to you before it happens.