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Palliative Care

“What is Palliative Care?”
If you are dealing with a serious illness, you understand the pain and distress of symptoms and treatments as well as the disease itself. Palliative care is designed to relieve that discomfort and ease those symptoms. It does not take the place of your primary treatment; it works to improve your quality of life during treatment by offering such benefits as:
  • Relief from pain, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, and other symptoms.
  • Improved communication with healthcare providers and family members, including open discussion of treatment options.
  • Emotional and spiritual support for you and your family.
Palliative care is available at any time during your illness — it does not depend on the prognosis of your condition. The goal is simply to help you live your life more comfortably. Your palliative care team of specialists can help you experience a smooth transition after a hospital stay.
Palliative care is intended to make you more comfortable, no matter what your prognosis is. If you are living with cancer, heart disease, lung disease, kidney failure, or some other serious illness, you are probably experiencing symptoms and stress — from the disease as well as from the treatment. Palliative care addresses such symptoms.

Consider palliative care if you or your loved one is suffering physical pain, emotional stress, or a feeling of being overwhelmed by decisions related to the illness. You can receive palliative care at the same time you are receiving other treatments for your illness. There is no reason to wait. Ask about palliative care from Providence today.
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