Memory Care at Providence Zeeland

Memory Care in ZeelandA better way through Alzheimer’s

Need a better way through Alzheimer’s? Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center offers quality Memory Care in Zeeland. We provide a safe home for residents who need a secure environment that still offers meaningful, life-enriching activities. The ambience is nostalgic, and the programming is creative and personal.

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Personalized attention

Our Memory Care programs are customized to each person. As staff get to know the personalities, preferences, and life stories of the residents, they design interactions that draw people out and help them make connections. The result is a higher quality of life for the resident, and greater peace of mind for the family.

Specialized training

Each year, Providence offers caregiving staff an additional 12 hours of specialized training in dementia care. This training helps staff develop an intuitive ability to understand the emotional challenges of memory issues, so they can craft personalized programs that reach people socially, spiritually, and creatively. Family members often work with us to build connections, but they are free to step back and get the rest they need, knowing we are there to care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a safe, secure environment that still allows freedom, dignity, and meaning.

Sensitive support

Providence of Zeeland is recognized for our excellent care and services, but the sense of ministry behind it all is what really sets us apart. We are here to share life’s journey, walking with you through the transitions demanded by dementia. Our free, twice-a-month support group for caregivers — Hope On the Journey — is available to all, whether your family member is at Providence or not.

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