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Your Home, Your Stories

We hear so many stories of happy residents and their families. They’re glad they chose Royal Atrium Inn, and they want to tell you why. Here are some of their stories:

female hand shown writing her royal atrium inn testimonial

“The staff here are not just helping me; they’re interested in who I am.”

— Henrietta

Henny is grateful to call Royal Atrium Inn home, where she's surrounded by friends. “I really enjoy living at Royal Atrium Inn because everyone is so friendly,” she says. “It’s a warm and friendly place for a talker like me.”

“I know she’s being looked out for, and people are really caring for her.”

— Kari

Kari Kruis is a Community Relations Director at Royal Atrium Inn, but that isn’t the only reason she’s thrilled that her grandmother Norma is a resident there. “Working here, we’re a family. I feel part of the community,” Kari says. “I don’t know everyone who Grandma’s interacting with, but I never worry. There’s just that family feel and family atmosphere here. I know she’s being looked out for and people are really caring for her.”

“We have a lot of fun here.”

— Norma

Norma was living at a different Assisted Living community, but when her granddaughter began working at Royal Atrium Inn, she decided to make the move here. From enjoying the greenery in the indoor atrium, to the delicious food, and friendly staff - she savors every moment.

“They cared deeply about her as a person.”

— Kathy

Kathy Huston’s mother Bettye enjoyed retirement life at Royal Park Place for about four and a half years, but it became evident that mom needed assistance. “It was getting increasingly more difficult for her to manage her day-to-day responsibilities,” Kathy says. “But what was wonderful was that Royal Park made the transition so easy.”

“You don’t have to be afraid of being alone.”

— Margaret

For Margaret, Royal Atrium Inn was the only assisted living community she considered. “I remembered it from my mom and I had good memories of her being here. She was well taken care of,” Margaret says. “I knew I’d get the help I needed.”

“Everybody’s happy here. And I am, too.”

— MaryLou

When MaryLou Aukeman’s husband Owen and their sons designed and built the Royal Park campus decades ago, she knew one day she’d live at the campus herself. “There was no doubt,” MaryLou says. “My husband and I were both so in love with it here already.”

“We had confidence that she was being well-cared for.”

— Ken

Everyone at Royal Atrium Inn knows Henny Van Beek, the resident scrabble champion and social butterfly. When her son Ken visits, he often finds her in common areas visiting with other people, or her apartment will be filled with people visiting her. It’s these social opportunities that makes Ken especially thankful for the assisted living community.