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Providence Life Services

Researching Options for Your Parents

The ministry of Providence Life Services begins even before people move into our buildings. We consider it a ministry to help families sift through difficult decisions in order to find the best solutions to meet their needs. If you have started noticing that your parents need more help than they used to (and more help than they will admit to), it may be time to help them begin researching some options.…

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Providence Life Services

Celebrating Grandparents

Grandparents Day, which falls in September each year, was originally founded not only to recognize grandparents, but also to bring awareness of the needs of people living in nursing homes. Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade was a West Virginia housewife who had worked with senior citizens for many years. In 1970 she began a campaign to honor them. In 1979 her efforts were fulfilled when President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation creating a National Grandparents Day. Mrs. McQuade passed away in 2008 at the age of 91.…


Providence Life Services

When is it Time for Your Parents to Move?

The ironic thing about senior living communities is that no one looks forward to moving in, but many people who live there wish they had moved in sooner! As Patricia Grace, Senior Care Examiner, writes in her article about this subject, “Although making the decision to move a loved one can be very emotional and difficult, once it has been accomplished it can lead to an improved quality of life for everyone involved.”…

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Providence Life Services

Caregivers: Avoid Emotional Eating

While food’s main purpose is to serve as fuel for our bodies, most of us are also aware of emotional associations that get tangled up in our eating decisions. Some of these associations are positive and self-affirming; others introduce feelings of regret or frustration; and sometimes a mix of positive and negative emotions is possible.…