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singing a power of attorney

Providence Life Services

Power of Attorney v. Guardianship: What’s the Difference?

Power of Attorney or Guardianship? What’s the difference, and do I really need to know? The short answer to the second question is YES. Having a Power of Attorney is one of the most important aspects of your aging plan. It can mean the difference between having your wishes…


Providence Life Services

Memory Care: Questions & Answers Regarding Dementia

At Providence, we assist many families dealing with dementia — and we know that it isn’t an easy road. While the older adult living with dementia has a difficult journey, the family also often feels overwhelmed. Therefore, we strive to be as helpful, compassionate, and supportive as possible. …

gifts under the tree

Providence Life Services

Buying Meaningful Gifts on a Budget

Buying gifts for people we love generally fills us with joy, but it’s not without challenges. How do you buy something meaningful, unique, and useful, but also stay within a reasonable budget? And if you’re the kind of person who buys for everyone in the family–children, grandchildren, in-laws, neighbors, pets, etc.–the challenge deepens. You may realize that the gift-giving that used to bring you such fulfillment actually feels like a chore. …

annual report

Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

From new expansions in Indiana, to new leaders being developed through mentoring, Providence Life Services continues to strive to achieve our mission of enhancing the live of those we serve in the name of Jesus Christ. Read more about these and other details of our ministry this past year in our 2017 Annual Report. …