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The Smiles Are The Reward: Receptionist Eyes Opportunities to Help

Corin Miller’s job as a receptionist at Village Woods includes answering phones, greeting visitors, and being the gatekeeper for the building. But for Corin, the main part of the job is all about observation. “I see everyone,” Corin says. “They pass by me on their way to lunch, or to an activity, or on their way out of the building. I always look out for ways to help.”…


Providence Life Services

Relias Learning: Transition to an Exciting New Approach for Staff Training

The pandemic of the past several years has changed many things in our work environment. After researching several options, a decision was made to partner with Relias, an online Learning Management System (LMS). Relias has developed education content that meets many of the learning needs for our staff, and the content is easily accessible.…


Providence Life Services

Innovation: A Message from Carl Goodfriend, CIO of ProviNET Solutions

What is innovation? It’s defined as a new idea, method, or device. Typically, it is the introduction of something new. At ProviNET Solutions, the IT division of Providence Life Services, we constantly innovate. You could say that innovation is built into the fabric of what we do. Today more than ever, we find ourselves looking to technology to help solve some of the challenges that face us. This article will focus on a couple of vastly different examples of where we are seeing results.…


Park Place of St. John

“It’s easy to meet people here” – A Park Place of St. John Testimonial

After years of living in a big house in Chicago, it was time for Ernst and Marjorie Carstensen to move. “Our house needed a lot of repairs,” Marjorie said. “It all just became too much to keep up with.” Since moving in to Park Place, they've both enjoyed meeting new people and enjoying all the active retirement community has to offer. …