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four elderly women smiling


Learning & Connecting: Park Place Educators Promote Social Lifestyle

Krishna Chakrabarty grew up near a crocodile-infested river in Morbi, India. When she was a little girl, her father, an educator himself, taught her to swim in that river. When she expressed fear about the crocodiles, he shooed off her concerns. “He said, ‘If you just keep moving, they won’t get you.’ So I learned to swim fast,” she laughs.…

The Buikema Family


Caring for a Lifetime: Buikema Family Shares Their Providence Stories

After enjoying years of success in the technology consulting world, Bill Buikema was exploring new opportunities for himself and his business. He and Providence CEO Rich Schutt had stayed in touch, having been high school and college classmates, and Bill learned that Providence had also entered the technology world.…

Four ladies smiling


‘We Feel Like Teenagers’ Friends reunited at Royal Park place after 70 years

In the summer of 1945, World War II was coming to an end. Nonie Sternberg was 14 and looking for a job. Her friend across the street, Goldie Bruischart, told her that down at the Holland Snack Shack where she worked, the dishwasher just got fired. Maybe Nonie should look for a job there?…

elderly men sitting around the table


Friends for Life: Park Place of St. John Men’s Friendships Form When Needed Most

Anyone who visits the Park Place of St. John dining room during mealtime will find tables filled with conversation and laughter, but if you listen closely, one table will be the loudest of all, with six men’s voices carrying over all the other sounds. They’re six widowers, all with successful careers and accolades, but they say one of the biggest treasures of their lives are the friendships they’ve found with each other.…