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Providence Life Services

New Technology Helps Prevent Falls

Providence Life Services has partnered with VirtuSense technology and Symbria’s SeniorFITness Program to offer an effective method of detecting residents’ risk for future falls, allowing healthcare professionals to design an exercise program specifically for each resident when needed.…

Future of Leadership

Providence Life Services

The Future of Leadership

How can we best pass the torch of leadership to the next generation? That’s a question that Providence Life Services answers in many ways, but in no way as clearly as with our Internship Program. We’ve interviewed four interns, past and present, who have experienced the importance we place on investing in our future leaders.…


Providence Life Services

Resources for Sheltering in Place: Battling Boredom

As our country begins to move forward and open up cautiously, older adults and those with underlying health conditions are still encouraged to shelter in place. That can feel limiting and tiresome, but necessary for your safety. So how can you combat the boredom that can feel so overwhelming?…


Providence Life Services

Health in Numbers: Promoting Socialization for Seniors

Have you noticed your parent or an older loved one becoming more withdrawn and having less socialization as they age? It’s a common scenario; approximately one-third to one-half of the elderly population report feeling social isolation and loneliness. Read on to see the positive effects of socializing within your community! …