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Providence Hospice


Providence Hospice Compassionate Care in Extra-Ordinary Ways

For decades, Providence had been walking with people throughout their retirement, often including difficult health issues. We also wanted to serve people at the end of life, when they need spiritual comfort as well as physical help. Made up of a team of nurses, physicians, therapists, aides, chaplains, dietary experts, and volunteers, Providence Hospice offers services to Indiana and Illinois to meet the progressing needs of the older adults we serve.…

a caretaker helping an elderly woman


Providence Palliative Care Providing Comfort

Providence Life Services has spent over 50 years walking with older adults through retirement. During this time, we continued adding programs and services that provide higher levels of care as residents’ health needs increased.…



Being a Blessing: Staff Member Focuses on Helping Others

Fifteen years ago, Sue Harrison was fresh out of college with a billing and coding certificate and looking for a job. She searched for six months without success. She decided to look outside of the accounting field, just to get started somewhere, but nothing seemed to be working.…



Making Time for Helping: Providence Biller Builds on the Rich Legacy Left by her Grandma

When your best friend growing up is your grandmother, that relationship plants a seed. Sometimes, with respect, care, and lots and lots of love, that seed grows into a strong tree that blossoms and blooms, producing fruits like patience, compassion, and empathy. It is not surprising that we see those qualities in 2023 Hallmark of Caring honoree Nichole Buchinski.…