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Providence Life Services

Staying Hydrated for Older Adults

We’ve all heard the old adage: “by the time you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.” But did you know that as we age, our sense of thirst becomes less sensitive? Our body may need to be replenished with fluids and we may not realize it. Below are some tips for staying hydrated all day long, especially during the summer months when we’re prone to lose more water due to sweating. …


Royal Park Place

A Royal Park Place Testimonial: “I walked in and knew this was the place for me.”

Jane TenHarmsel has lived a life filled with adventures and challenges, but throughout everything, her strong faith in God has been her constant. So when she walked in for her tour of Royal Park Place and saw the scripture posted, she said, “I walked in and knew this was the place for me.”…



Providence Life Services Magazine: Issue 2 of 2019

This issue of the Providence Newsletter features some of our volunteers, as well as an update on Phase II of Park Place of St. John. Read about our new Board Members and join us in our thankfulness for the service of our outgoing members. …

Hobbies Abound

Providence Life Services

Hobbies Abound at Providence Senior Communities

Staying active – not only physically, but mentally and socially as well – is an important part of healthy aging. Studies have shown that seniors who stay active and connected live healthier lives. One way to fill this need during retirement is through hobbies, whether indulging in an old favorite or exploring something new.…