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Meet Our Family

At Providence Life Services, we think of our staff and coworkers as family. It's easy to nurture our culture when we have so many people who have committed many years to our company. We're proud of our team's longevity, and we want you to meet a few of our dedicated employees.

Accounting & Payroll


Employed since 1999

Michelle Dykstra has worked in various roles in our Corporate Accounting office since 1999, and currently works with accounting and payroll. She came from a background of working in banking, but a friend,who loved working here told Michelle about a job opening. 

"I enjoy the people I work with, and the Christian atmosphere and culture Providence offers both employees and residents," she says. "I enjoy and appreciate the kindness and teamwork my coworkers and management provide."

Michelle is detail-oriented, so that aspect of her job fits her perfectly. But it is more than the job itself that has given her so much joy. "This is almost like a second home with my work family," she says.

In her time at Providence, she has so many great memories, including the potluck lunches and summer picnics, the Hallmark of Caring cruise she was honored at, and Paylocity conventions to learn more about Payroll.

Michelle lives in Highland, Indiana, with Lou, her husband of 25 years, her daughter Katie and son Nick. They also have a dog Kimber and cat Roxy. Outside of work, she enjoys camping and boating up in Michigan.  “I enjoy a campfire at night and a good book to read down by the beach during the day.” Michelle also enjoy the shooting range, fishing, puzzles, gardening, and hopes to travel a lot someday.

Michelle is always helpful, and her longevity at Providence has given her the ability to answer so many questions! We are grateful for her dedication and skill.

Education Administration Assistant


Employed since 2010

Leatitia has worked in the Providence Education & Training Institute since 2010 and is the Education Administrative Assistant. She will likely be one of the first people you’ll meet when you come to the Corporate office to complete your orientation trainings. Her warm smile will make you feel welcome right away.

Before coming to Providence, Leatitia was a full-time Real Estate Broker. She came to Providence to “help out” at the front desk, but was soon offered a permanent position. Leatitia was a great fit for Providence, and she is thankful to work at an organization where meetings start with prayer, and where coworkers feel like family. 

“I enjoy the people I work with at Providence,” she says. “My team is wonderful, always there when needed and always looking out for each other.” Her part-time position with Providence allows her to continue her work in real estate, as well as other entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Tish and her significant other have been together for 17 years. “Each of us have 1 son, and each son has 1 daughter,” she says. “My son Cory is retired from the U.S. Navy and is living with his family in Washington State. My granddaughter Hevyn is turning 19 years old and lives in Florida. Our fur baby Saydee is keeping us busy, making sure we get our exercise by walking her twice and day and playing with her and her toys.”

Leatitia has been a blessing to us, and we hope she stays with us for many years to come.