Assisted Living at Royal Atrium Inn

assisted living in zeelandAssisted Living in Zeeland — at Royal Atrium Inn

Looking for excellent Assisted Living in Zeeland? Royal Atrium Inn helps you maintain your independence by providing convenient services for common needs. Staff are available around the clock to take care of basic housekeeping, offer medication reminders, and assist with bathing or showering. Royal Atrium Inn offers five basic floor plans to choose from, and three levels of care. Our staff will meet with you to help you determine which level is most appropriate for your needs.

For example —

Some of the services available at Level 1 are:

  • Medication reminders up to 3 times per day
  • Weekly blood pressure screenings
  • Activity programming that meets social, recreational, and spiritual needs
  • Safety checks every 2 hours

Some of the additional services available at Level 2 are:

  • Assistance with bathing or showering 2 times per week
  • Prompting with personal grooming tasks
  • Intermittent/moderate assistance with toileting
  • Moderate dressing assistance
  • Assistance with blood glucose monitoring

In addition to the above, these are some of the services available at Level 3:

  • Comprehensive dressing assistance
  • Assistance with catheter drainage disposal and changing catheter bags
  • Assistance with physical therapy exercises once a day
  • Assistance with oxygen
  • Wanderguard monitoring

Although not provided by Royal Atrium Inn, delicious, healthy meals are available for purchase on the campus from Creative Dining Services. Creative Dining Services is an independent food service vendor and local expert in creating nutritional meals in a friendly dining atmosphere.

Want to learn more?

Here are two simple ways to get more information:

  • Call (616) 772-1248 to talk to knowledgeable staff who want what’s best for you and your family. They can explain how Assisted Living is different from Skilled Nursing or Independent Living, how pricing works, what a typical day is like, and more.
  • Email Royal Atrium Inn to ask a question or request an Info Pack. Our staff will reply to you quickly and personally.

We look forward to hearing from you!