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Royal Atrium Inn

“The staff here are not just helping me; they’re interested in who I am.” - A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial

Henrietta VanBeek, Royal Atrium Inn resident

Henrietta VanBeek, or “Henny,” as everyone knows her, is used to having people around her all the time. She grew up in a family of seven and then had six kids of her own, so she has always been accustomed to having lots of company. When she lived on her own, sometimes that meant driving to see people, which wasn’t a problem until she had a stroke.

“After my stroke, I couldn’t walk, so I had to find a place that could help me,” Henny says. She decided to choose Royal Atrium Inn, a place she could trust. “I had visited people here, and there was an opening, so I moved here. I didn’t even look any place else.”

Henny is so grateful to be surrounded by lovely people. “When you live alone, you eat alone. You do everything alone. Here, if you want people around, you keep your door open, and if you don’t, you shut your door,” Henny says, and then laughs. “But my door’s never shut. Just at night, but I always leave it open about ‘that’ far.”

“There’s always people around and you eat with someone,” she continues. “There’s always people to talk to. There’s always people to do things with. In fact, I probably get more visitors here than I did when I lived at home.”

She thinks people should consider moving to the Royal Atrium Inn if they feel lonesome, and if there are things they can’t do for themselves anymore. “The staff here will help with what you need, but they aren’t just helping me,” Henny explains. “They’re interested in who I am, and that makes me feel good. They’ll sit down and chat with me. They work here because they love the people here.”

Henny enjoys going to Sit & Stretch every morning to keep her body active, and enjoys that Royal Atrium Inn provides fitness activities to work with her mobility level. “After that, we all get together, and we play a game, usually Scrabble,” she says.

Henny is grateful to call Royal Atrium Inn home. “I really enjoy living at Royal Atrium Inn because everyone is so friendly,” she says. “It’s a warm and friendly place for a talker like me.”

Come for a visit and experience the friendly community at Royal Atrium Inn for yourself.

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