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Intergenerational activities benefit everyone

At first glance, a child and an older adult don’t appear to have much in common, but experience shows that intergenerational activities have an abundant variety of benefits. The truth about aging is that not everyone ages with you. Many seniors talk about the loneliness comes from losing loved ones: spouses, friends, and, sadly, even their adult children. As driving and overall mobility decreases, it’s easy for seniors to become isolated. Visits from grandchildren and great-grandchildren can make a world of difference. While the older adult may always long for those they miss, these new relationships can invigorate them and give them a sense of purpose—something to look forward to. …

blog post Protecting Mom and Dad from Phone Fraud thumbnail

Providence Solutions

Protecting Mom and Dad from Phone Fraud

If you are caring for Mom or Dad, be aware that con artists target senior citizens because too often they are easy prey. What makes seniors so susceptible? Read this post to find out what lists as factors on their “Common Fraud Schemes” page and see how you can help protect your parents!…

blog post The Freedom of Maintenance-Free Living thumbnail

Providence Solutions

The Freedom of Maintenance-Free Living

Maintenance-free living: it’s a phrase you may hear tossed around from time-to-time during your search for retirement living options. But what does it really mean?…

blog post 5 Key Considerations for Selecting an Estate Planning Attorney thumbnail

Providence Solutions

5 Key Considerations for Selecting an Estate Planning Attorney

Finding the right estate planning attorney can feel overwhelming – but don’t let that get in the way of finalizing one of the most important documents you’ll ever create. Check this post out to see 5 considerations in selecting the right attorney for you. …