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A Guide to Senior Heart Health Essentials

Heart health is crucial at every stage of life, but it becomes even more significant as we age. Incorporating a few lifestyle changes can help seniors maintain a healthy heart and live their golden years to the fullest. Here are some heart-healthy tips for seniors.…


Providence Hospice

Music Speaks: Providence Hospice Embraces Music & Memory Program

At first, it’s almost imperceptible, but then the finger tapping gets stronger, more regular, and right in time with the music. Now the left foot joins in, and a smile spreads across one hospice patient’s face as she listens to a Jerry Lee Lewis song from her youth. This patient has lost the use of the left side of her body and is now bedbound, but after a few minutes, she begins telling stories about the musicals she loved going to with her grandchildren in Chicago. As the memories flow, so does the palpable joy.…


Victorian Village

“This is more convenient, more social — and we don’t miss cooking at all!”

Bernice Bosma is the oldest of her four siblings, so she’s used to leading the way for the family. She was also the first of the four to move to Victorian Village, the friendly retirement community in Homer Glen, close where she lived in Orland Park. About a year later, her brother Al Bosma joined her, and their sister is considering moving in as well.…


Victorian Village

“My dad always said, ‘It’s like living on a cruise ship”

Ray and Jean Dering always enjoyed active lives in their retirement, filled with volunteering, church, and time with the people they loved. Twenty years ago, they decided they wanted even more freedom to use their time as they pleased, so they packed their things and downsized from their condo to an apartment at Victorian Village.…