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Royal Atrium Inn

“We’re both so happy here.”

Harvey and Ruth LePoire take advantage of everything Royal Atrium Inn offers. “Look how much there is to do,” Ruth says, and Harvey agrees. He’s so happy to see his wife thriving in the active and social environment the assisted living community offers.

Recently, Ruth began showing the beginning symptoms of dementia, and Harvey threw himself into being her caregiver. While Ruth has many good days, Harvey still felt more comfortable moving somewhere now, where caregivers are available if needed, and where cooking and cleaning can be taken off their to-do list. Instead, Harvey and Ruth are enjoying their time together, living full, healthy lives in ways they couldn’t at their home.

“I’m amazed at how much her health has improved since moving here,” Harvey says of Ruth’s illness. “With all these activities, her mind and body are more active.”

“I’m not just sitting around wondering what to do next,” Ruth says. “I look at the schedule, and I know I have something to do. It helps keep me organized.”

The couple attends exercises in the morning, and they enjoy three meals a day in the dining room with their neighbors. “There’s a real variety to the food here,” Harvey says.

“And I don’t have to fix it!” Ruth says, laughing.

Harvey and Ruth also enjoy some time on their own. Harvey will drive them into town for some light shopping, and they enjoy sudoku, reading, and puzzles in their apartment. Their one-bedroom apartment is spacious and has a view of the pond, so the couple often works on puzzles while looking at wildlife outside their window.

Ruth talks about how much her great-grandchildren love the view. “They get so excited when they see the birds outside,” she says. “I’m just so glad I get to enjoy this time with my family.”

Harvey can’t say enough about the safety that this environment gives him, and what a gift that has been for his family. “I’m an outgoing person and I like to be around people,” Harvey says. “What living here does for me is that it lets me have that time with people, but also time with Ruth. There’s just nothing to complain about.”

Ruth feels the same way, saying, “We’re both so happy here.”