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pills spilled out on the table

Providence Life Services

Avoiding Prescription Problems

Juggling many medications requires extra attention. Seniors who are also caring for their parents and all their prescriptions may find these tips helpful.…

an elderly woman smiling

Providence Life Services

The Beauty of Aging: More than Skin Deep

The following four tips will not promise to make you look younger. Instead, they will help you maintain the health of your skin, which can be an indication of good health in general, and they will encourage you to celebrate the beauty of aging!…

combatting isolation

Providence Life Services

Combating Isolation, Enriching Lives

For older adults still living at home, especially those who need assistance with some daily tasks, their options are limited. Those who are physically able can brave the shopping and work themselves, or they can ask friends and families for assistance. But both of those options include the risk of contracting COVID-19. So many seniors have made decisions to do without assistance, which not only puts them at risk, but also means they are cut off socially from most people. …

an elderly woman playing in a fountain

Providence Life Services

Seniors: Beat the Heat!

People aged 65 or older are more susceptible to heat stress and dehydration. Not only do older bodies have a harder time adjusting to extreme temperature changes, but also older people are more likely to be taking medications that can affect the body’s ability to cool itself.…