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Royal Atrium Inn

A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial: “It’s a great thing to be here.”

“I knew I needed some help,” Russell says, “so I decided to move to Royal Atrium Inn.” Since moving, Russell enjoys his one-bedroom apartment and the help he gets. “They check on me here,” he says. “My lungs are bad, and it makes me feel better that they check on me 4 or 5 times a night.”…


Victorian Village

A Victorian Village Testimonial: “After my stay here, I certainly don’t want to go anywhere else.”

Nancy Langeland needed rehab after a knee replacement. With 14 stairs waiting for her at home, she knew recovery would be a challenge. She was looking for a place that would provide both the skill and the comfort she needed to be ready to go home. She heard about Victorian Village from a family member. “My daughter-in-law is a nurse practitioner, and they had a relative come here. That person really liked it.” But Nancy thought Victorian Village’s Health and Wellness Center would be like a nursing home. “She said, ‘Mom, it’s not a nursing home. You have to come see it.’” …


Park Place of St. John

A Park Place of St. John Testimonial: “I’m surrounded by friends.”

Grace Haan found a welcoming community at Park Place of St. John. While she wishes her husband was sharing Park Place with her, Grace is also grateful for the loving, supportive community that has welcomed her.…


Providence Life Services

Saving Money by Choosing Providence Services

Whether you are thinking of hiring home healthcare, or whether you are considering moving to a senior community, money and finances are always part of the decision. What you may not realize is how making the choice for Providence may end up saving you money, and certainly help you maintain your level of independence longer.…