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Park Place of Elmhurst

A Park Place Testimonial: “It’s easy to be active here.”

PPE_CarylRohlfing_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngWhen Caryl Rohlfing’s husband Harold fell at home and injured his face, they decided they needed to move somewhere where he could get the assistance he needed. 

“He’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s,” she says. “We didn’t know how fast it would progress.”

The Rohlfing’s chose Park Place of Elmhurst because it had multiple levels of care, allowing Caryl to stay independent and active, even as Harold’s need for assistance increased. 

“When we first moved in, we lived in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. We had plenty of space for two people,” she says. “Then when it became clear he would be spending most of his time at the Health & Wellness Center, I downsized to a one-bedroom and one-bathroom apartment.”

Because they were both on the same campus, it was easy for Harold’s caregiver to bring him over for long visits with Caryl.

“They have excellent caregivers,” she says. “Really great workers who care about the people they serve.”

When Harold passed away, Caryl became even more active in the Park Place community, especially with their exercise programs, which she says give the residents more quality of life, and may even add years to their lives.

“My health has improved as my activity has become more frequent,” Caryl says. “And with exercise classes, the gym, and the pool, it’s easy to be active here.”

Caryl enjoys walks on the grounds with her dog in nice weather, or simply walking the halls of the spacious campus on colder days. She says there’s always something to do, and you can stay as busy as you’d like to, with events on campus and group outings to different locations. Caryl has started a prayer and meditation group that meets regularly, and she enjoys the community of residents. She especially appreciates the chaplain’s worship services on Thursday afternoons.

“I’ve met many people,” she says, “and I’ve made many friends. People seem to appreciate each other, as well as all the opportunities here.”

Caryl says that the move to Park Place was a good move, a move that improved her life, as well as simplified it.

“I like living here. It has many wonderful benefits, like weekly housekeeping, the best and fastest maintenance staff, and,” she says, “I don’t even have to change my own lightbulbs!”

To learn more about Retirement Living at Park Place of Elmhurst, visit our website or give us a call at (630) 333-4343.






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