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Being a Blessing: Staff Member Focuses on Helping Others

Sue_Harrison_Portrait_350x350.pngFifteen years ago, Sue Harrison was fresh out of college with a billing and coding certificate and looking for a job. She searched for six months without success. She decided to look outside of the accounting field, just to get started somewhere, but nothing seemed to be working.

“My husband was working on the HVAC system of a Providence community,” she remembers. “I had not applied there, so I decided to try to talk to someone in person.”

Sue put on a business suit, resumé in hand, and went to Providence. They didn’t have any openings at the time, but they asked her to fill out an application anyway.

“They called not too long after,” Sue says. “They let me know they might have something for me, and I was willing to do anything at that point.” Soon afterward, she was hired as a unit clerk, then moved on to medical records, and now does all the billing for Park Place of St. John. No matter where she’s worked or what position she’s held, she’s always been known for her big heart, helpful nature, and overall pleasant disposition.

“When you need help, Sue is there, no matter how busy she is,” one co-worker says. “She’s hard-working, efficient, and selfless.”

Her manager Larry Otte, Vice-President of Finance, agrees. “She takes on extra work without a complaint and works persistently,” he says. “Throughout the years, she’s taken on many additional responsibilities and excelled.”

Residents and their families also appreciate Sue. She fields phone calls from confused and overwhelmed people not used to handling the finances their spouses used to take care of. She meets all of the calls with a patient and calm demeanor. “When people are upset, I want them to know I’m sorry about how they feel,” she says. “Just caring about someone helps make an emotional situation a little easier.”

Her friendly touches are appreciated. One woman exchanges a joke with Sue each time a payment is mailed out. Another gentleman calls several times a week with questions, or just to chat. Sue treats all of the families with respect. “You want to be on good terms, and if you treat someone well, that’s usually the outcome,” she says. “When I tell someone I’m going to look into their issue and call them back, I always do. They know they can trust me.”

Sue believes these phone calls are a way to live out the mission. “You can reflect the love of Jesus over the phone,” she says. “You can still be a blessing and shine a light without ever meeting someone.”

Sue certainly has been a blessing to all who work with her, whether over the phone, through email, or in person with her coworkers.





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