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Providence Hospice

“I trusted Providence Hospice... and I wouldn’t hesitate to trust them again.” - A Providence Hospice Testimonial

Jean Pauga completely trusts the compassionate care Providence Hospice provides, which is why she turned to them not once, nor twice, but three times for end-of-life care for her beloved family members.

“As they declined, I knew I couldn’t handle it alone,” Jean says. “But it was clear I needed a hospice company that believed that this wasn’t going to be about death, but a need to treat them with the dignity and respect they deserved in their final days.”

Jean lost three family members over the course of a few years: Bill and Mary Pitt, her aunt and uncle, who were Park Place of Elmhurst residents, and then her mother, Lois Lavin.

She says that the support she received from Providence Hospice gave her a new perspective on death. Jean speaks highly of the comfort and care Providence Hospice staff provided for her loved ones, and also for her.

“They treated me like I was family,” she says. “They made sure I knew I was doing my very best for all of them. They reminded me to take care of myself so I would be at my best for my loved ones. I felt like I could walk away and take a break because someone trustworthy and caring was staying with the people I loved.”

The nurse and social worker who worked the most closely with Jean and her family have a special place in Jean’s heart. They continued to check on her, even after the passing of her loved ones. “I knew they really cared, that it was more than a job,” she says.

Jean appreciates that Providence Hospice did so many little things that made a big difference, and that is what has won her trust. “You can find plenty of people who have the medical knowledge to give hospice care,” she says, “but what they provide goes well beyond, and that is what got me through this.”





A Providence Hospice testimonial