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Providence Hospice

Providence Life Services receives Elea Institute Grant for Providence Hospice Program

Providence at Home, a division of Providence Life Services, was recently awarded a $15,000 grant from the Elea Institute for their project entitled “Integrative Therapies to Improve Quality of Life.” 

“We value the opportunity to support Providence at Home with expanding its approach to care,” says Kent Mathy, Elea Institute Board Chair. “Integrating conventional medicine with specialized practices can enhance quality of life for patients.”

Grant funds will be used to promote three programs for Providence Hospice patients. One such program is providing massage therapy for their patients in Illinois and Indiana.

“Massage therapy is so beneficial for hospice,” says Amy Mosoriak, Hospice Administrator at Providence Life Services. “It relieves both pain and anxiety, helping give greater quality of life for our patients.”

Another program this grant will fund is “Music & Memory.” Designed for the benefit of patients with a dementia diagnosis, this non-profit organization will help Providence Hospice patients engage with the world, ease pain, and reclaim their humanity through the use of personalized music.

Thanks to the grant, Providence Hospice will be able to provide training for staff to be certified in this program, as well as allowing the purchase of 100 kits and other necessary supplies.

The final project this grant will fund is “Flight to Remember.” The Flight to Remember Foundation provides an incredible service. Patients and their families select a location that is meaningful to them, and volunteer Flight to Remember pilots go to those locations and fly their drone, capturing breathtaking scenes of beloved locales. Then, the company creates a Memento Video for our patients, who can watch it while resting comfortably, surrounded by family.

“This program is unique,” Mosoriak says. “It gives patients a chance to relive a special time in their lives. There’s nothing like that kind of experience.”  

Providence Life Services looks forward to implementing these programs in their Providence Hospice services.

“We are pleased to receive these grant funds, which will surely help us fulfill our mission ‘to enhance the lives of those we serve in the name of Jesus Christ,’” says Susan Enright, Vice-President of Home & Community-Based Services at Providence Life Services. “We will continue to look for the most effective methods of providing the best care and compassion to our patients.”

About Elea Institute

Established in 2022, Elea Institute, Inc., is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to advancing care for people with serious illness. For more information, please visit