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Living Well: Providence Wellness Programs Help Residents Thrive

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Advances in health and medicine have blessed today’s population with longer lives. At Providence, we want more for our residents than to simply live long lives; we want them to live those years well. That’s why we have invested in Wellness Programs that can enhance their quality of living, while also encouraging health.

Staying Active

No matter our age, the adage “use it or lose it” applies to our physical mobility. However, as we get older, it becomes even more important to be intentional about being active and monitoring our health. We prioritize this at our communities by offering several programs and services designed especially for our residents.

Symbria’s Well-Being senior fitness program is one of our best examples of prioritizing physical wellness. Our campuses offer classes designed specifically for the different mobility levels represented, so while we have residents who still bike and walk and even run regularly, our communities also include those who are in wheelchairs or use walkers. Well-Being’s classes are designed to optimize health at all mobility levels. Residents are screened for safety before embarking on any fitness program, and fitness instructors are available for one-on-one instruction.

Falls are the leading cause of serious injury for older adults, and fear of falling may be keeping people from doing the things they love. With that in mind, we’ve implemented wellness predictive technology into our wellness prgramming. VirtuSense Technology uses state-of-the-art 3D motion sensing, the VirtuSense program can help identify weaknesses that increase a person’s chances of falling. Using the data from a resident’s screening, the healthcare team will design an exercise program specifically for that person. These targeted strengthening programs can include working with a Well-Being trainer in our Fitness Center, as well as guided exercises residents can do in the comfort of their own apartments. Residents can track progress and share their results with their doctors. This allows personal trainers, therapists, and physicians to proactively develop a plan to help reduce fall risk.

Healthcare on Campus

Coordinating healthcare is easier than ever at our communities. We’ve arranged doctor’s visits from podiatrists, audiologists, dentists and other healthcare professionals, making it simple for our residents to maintain routine health visits. We also have on-site outpatient physical therapy available at many of our communities, offered through Symbria.

Providence at Home’s Campus Care services have also been a help to many residents in our independent living communities. Campus Care is a comprehensive wellness system that helps residents navigate their changing health needs. This allows them to stay as independent as possible for as long as possible. Some of the services available include housekeeping, medical assistance, or grooming care. Whether residents need just a little help, or if they want live-in assistance, we offer options to fit their lives.

Chaplaincy Program

If you’re wondering what the most significant difference is between a Providence community and most other senior living organizations is, it’s the spiritual life in our communities. We are blessed to have chaplains on staff at all of our communities to guide and shape this journey. We believe that caring for your mind and spirit are just as important as caring for your body.

For many of our residents, having a church community has been a significant part of their lives. While many residents still enjoy active church attendance, many others are unable to travel regularly to church, due to limited mobility or health concerns. Having a designated spiritual leader on campus makes a world of difference to the well-being of our residents. For those who desire it, our chaplain can bring comfort with the Word of God, pray with our residents and their families, and offer wisdom and counsel.

Our chaplains are not the only people at our communities who care for the spiritual needs of our residents. Area pastors and volunteers lead services on campus, provide communion, share devotions, and share times of prayer with our residents. You will also often see our staff praying with and offering spiritual encouragement to residents, truly living out the Providence mission.

Staying Mentally and Socially Engaged

Even for older adults who do well physically living at home, they often report a diminished social life. We know how important interacting with others is for overall health, which is why we put such a high importance on our life enrichment programs at our communities.

Led by committed, compassionate staff who know our residents well, our life enrichment departments plan activities that are designed for what our residents love. They meet with each person who moves to the community, getting to know their specific interests, and this guides their calendar of activities and events. Residents can choose which activities suit them, sometimes picking up new interests and hobbies. Of course, these events also help them form lasting friendships and keep their minds stimulated. In fact, many people report having more active social lives at our communities than they had before!

Our residents can maintain health, independence, and well-rounded lifestyles through our growing array of Wellness Programs. Providence is dedicated to helping our residents make the most of every day.





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