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Park Place of St. John

A Park Place Health & Wellness Testimonial: “You really can’t believe it until you see it.”

“I planned for surgery, but needing follow-up rehab took me by surprise,” John says. At 48, he is one of the youngest people to take advantage of the sub-acute rehabilitation offered at Park Place Health & Wellness Center of St. John.

After a back surgery, John’s doctor said he would need therapy before going home. John didn’t have much time to research, but, as a St. John resident, he’d heard about the Skilled Nursing building tucked away near his home. He’d been curious to see what Small House rehab looked like, but he hadn’t expected he’d need it himself.

John’s so glad he chose Park Place. “I was reading about it. Everyone said the Small House was a different kind of healthcare building. But you can’t really believe it until you see it,” he says.

John enjoyed the cozy, home-like setting, and all the welcoming spots he could sit and spend time with his many visitors. He also appreciated the professionalism and skill of his therapeutic staff.

“I’m leaving here with skill sets I haven’t had before,” he says.

He’s leaving a little over a week after coming to rehab, a shorter amount of time than the doctors predicted. He’s happy to go back home, but grateful for his time at Park Place.

“All the staff members were very friendly, very helpful. Even the night shift—they just respond when you need them and they never acted like it was a bother at all.”

He says he would recommend Park Place to anyone looking for rehab. “This just feels different. It’s an easy transition out of the hospital room. I think pretty much everyone will feel at home here.”

For more information about sub-acute rehab at Park Place Health & Wellness Center of St. John, visit our website or give us a call at (219) 351-5205.





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