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Park Place of St. John

A Park Place of St. John Testimonial: “I’m surrounded by friends.”

Grace Haan found a welcoming community at Park Place of St. John.

My husband was very protective of me,” Grace Haan says. Her husband was in the hospital and didn’t want her to stay at their home alone, so she moved to the guest room at Park Place of St. John last year while they waited for an open apartment. ppsj_Grace_Haan_blog_Portrait_350x350.png

They had looked at Park Place of St. John and knew that they wanted to move here eventually, most likely when Phase II was completed. But when Grace’s husband died, she and her children decided that an early move to Park Place was a good idea.

“They’d looked at several places,” Grace says, “and they said, ‘Park Place is the only place.’”

Since moving to Park Place of St. John (where her best friend also lives), she realized there were several people living there that she already knew, and she’s made plenty of new friends, too.

“There’s so much to do here. Dominoes. Hymn Sing. Just spending time at breakfast in the morning with my neighbors. I’m never alone unless I want to be.”

While Grace wishes her husband was sharing Park Place with her, she is also grateful for the loving, supportive community that has welcomed her.

“I know that he would be happy to see me here. He always wanted to take care of his family, and he did. And he always wanted me to be safe, and I am. I’m safe, and I’m surrounded by friends.”

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A Park Place of St. John testimonial