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Park Place of St. John

“She’s being well-taken care of, and it’s safe.” – A Park Place of St. John Testimonial

Kathleen Jarema says that her mother, Mary, has always been strong, working as an x-ray technician until the age of 65. She has always made the most out of life through any circumstance – surviving through the Great Depression, raising a family, and living on her own after the passing of her husband of 58 years. 

Mary_Jarema_blog_Portrait_350x350.jpgThrough these life transitions, Mary has shown that change does not have to stop us from finding the beauty in life. After her retirement and the passing of her husband, she began planting a beautiful English summer garden at her home which her daughter says has “every kind of flower in it.” 

When the time came for Mary Jarema to move from her neighborhood of 55 years, Kathleen says, “She was 90 and living on her own. Though we would visit 3 or 4 times a week it was time for a move. After looking at a few places, she made the decision to make the move to Park Place by herself. The quality of the workers is the best, she’s already met people from where she had grown up, and we were able to bring in her furniture that she has had for 60 years – that was important.” 

Staying in shape is important to Mary as well, and Kathleen says she is happy to see that Mary has the space to walk around at Park Place. Even after her recent operations, Mary is quick to want to join different activities going on at Park Place. She says, “Even if I don’t need anything from the store I like to go. I know these ladies, and I enjoy the walk.” 

“When Mary needed assistance after those recent operations, the team was respectful, cheery, kind and attentive,” Kathleen says. “They did a great job of caring for Mary in the ways she needed, even with the simple things."

Kathleen also champions the management and reception teams at Park Place, saying, “These people are phenomenal. They are so patient, and they focus on quality and care. When Mary mentioned that she was used to eating a later dinner, they were able to make accommodations in a conference room to meet her and several others’ dining preferences. These people are in good hands.”

We’re not only grateful for the opportunity to care for Mary Jarema, but grateful for the way that her family has shown the Park Place staff kindness as well. Kathleen’s husband, Chris, brings the receptionist a Werther’s Original candy every time he visits and Kathleen says, “The receptionist is beyond a sweetheart.” It is moments like these that remind us that small acts of kindness go a long way.





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