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Park Place of St. John

Village Woods resident says Park Place St. John Rehab is Great

Robert_Mahoney_blog_Portrait_350x350.pngRobert Mahoney, a Village Woods resident, discusses that he thinks Park Place St. John Rehab is great.

CRETE, Ill.–Village Woods resident Robert Mahoney says that Park Place St. John Rehab is great–and he wants you to know why.

For Robert, independence is important.

“I know I can do a lot of things for myself,” he says. “And I want to do a lot of things by myself.”

So when Robert fell at his son’s home during Thanksgiving, causing several compression fractures, as well as several broken bones in his back, he wasn’t sure how much independence he would have. He pictured the long hallways at other rehabilitation stays he’d had, and he didn’t think he’d be able to leave his room.

But when he arrived for his rehab stay at one of the Small Houses at Park Place in nearby St. John, Robert felt relieved.

“That was why the Small House was so great,” he said. “As soon as I saw the layout, I knew I’d be okay.”

Robert credits the short hallways and kind, knowledgeable staff for easing him back into independent living.

“I knew I’d be okay,” Robert says, believing Park Place St. John Rehab is great.

“Everyone there was so good to me,” he says. “I felt like I would get better because they made it so easy. I felt like I could go one more step because everything was so close to my room. It was manageable.”

Now Robert’s back home at Village Woods, but he remembers his time at Park Place fondly.

“I’d go back there in a second,” he says. “You can’t beat the grounds here at Village Woods, but that Park Place sure is nice, too.”

To anyone from Village Woods who is wondering where to go for rehab, his recommendation is clear.

“Just go,” he says. “You’ll be around the right kind of people and you’ll feel like home. And, believe me, you’ll get better.”

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